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In general, with such complexes, I, of course, did not go to our institute toilet at all, but always suffered until the last lesson.
Then, I either rushed home (on foot through the yards past a nearby school for about 15 minutes), or (when I wanted to write very strongly and understood that I wouldn’t get to the house) I waited until most of the students dispersed, went to our empty toilet, got into the back a corner and wrote there, shuddering at every rustle, as if doing something indecent.
Of course, my girlfriend Svetka was infuriated.

With Svetka we rent an apartment for two and go to classes together.
She had to either wait for me after school, or take a quick step with me to my house, without going to any stores along the way.
At home I always, when I wrote, locked myself in the bathroom (it’s a toilet), because of which my neighbor couldn’t brush her teeth or take a shower at that time.
Sveta tolerated my quirks, but could not understand my shyness and called me “fucked up in all their heads.”
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