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Although there was one man among them.
But, that’s another story!
– Wait.

When Olya went to work, for the first time he put on her skirt and stockings, and having spoken impudent things to him, Sasha could not come to his senses for a long time.
After yesterday’s rape, his butt hurt, but when he remembered him, it hurt like a sweet soul.
He almost was late for work himself.
Sitting at his computer, he carefully looked at his staff.
And he caught himself thinking that the views on them were different.
Here is a beautiful Masha sitting opposite, Sasha always stare at her long legs in openwork tights, the entire male team dreamed of pulling them off with her panties and spreading it on the table, blowing on the very eggs.
But Olenka today in stockings! A thought flashed through, maybe Masha is also in them.

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I probably would prefer that Masha be fucked by someone else, and then I licked her.
Here let Kolya! The dream swept into the distance.
They sometimes went to the bath together, and Sasha saw Colin as a member.
He was envied by all the men.
25 centimeters long, though not very thick, but Sasha’s, it is much smaller! Sasha’s member actively showed signs of life in his pants.
Trying to calm down, he began to look at reports, but imperceptibly, even for himself, he appeared on the site of a sexfire.
Reading messages there, he more and more wanted to incarnate them in his life.
And the more humiliating they were, the more desirable! Sasha watched pictures where men dressed in lingerie sucked the members of the lovers of their wives, and they fuck them from behind with strapon.

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Unable to endure anymore, Sasha decided to take time off and went to his boss.
Elena Dmitrievna appreciated Sasha, and after a little post-dismissal, she let her go.
The toporsthenia of Sasha did not hide from her.
Going to his computer, he saw Kohl.
On the screen were photos of that site.
Damn it! I just covered them! Wow! Pervert! Said Kolya, unexpected from you! Sasha began to babble about failures in the computer, but Kolya suddenly said.
Come on, we’re all a little bit like that.
And left.
Walking home and walking past a lingerie store, Sasha saw in the window a lot of legs covered with stockings and tights.
I must buy my wife, he thought, now she will be a whore!
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