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I was lying on the edge of the upper tier.
It was half a meter from the parents’ bed.
I heard this creaking sound and then that squishing noise.

I had no idea what it was, so I looked through the closed eyelids.
My dad was on top of my mother, her legs were raised high in the air.

His movement grew faster and faster, then he groaned and soon rolled away from her.
I felt a strange feeling in my stomach.
I did not know that it was for sure, but I felt something good.
A pleasant shiver passed through me.
I felt this feeling before, when we dabbled.
I sat by my father on my knees and he, as if he was fast riding his horse over the hills.
I finally fell asleep and forgot about it.
A few weeks passed, and my mother had to go in for the whole day.
My brother was with friends.
Dad worked at night and was resting now, and I was watching TV in my pajamas.
I heard Dad turn.
I was just about to take a look at him, as I ran into his face and he jumped on the bed.
“Will you get up already, dad?” I asked.
“I’ll get up soon, baby.
” he said.

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Since he was looking at me with sleepy eyes, he did not immediately realize that I was not wearing my slippers and a bathrobe.
I was prone to terrible bronchitis, so he said, “Come to me, frog, you will warm up.
“I happily slipped under the covers.
It was really warm from his high body temperature.
I clung to my dad.
He tried to move back to continue sleeping.
“Just give dad another fifteen minutes to take a nap, baby, okay?” – he said.
“Alright dad,” I said, and pressed my ass against him, and he turned to sleep.
I think I already fell asleep, because the next thing I remember when his hand began to slightly tighten my breasts.
My foot slid down his lower body and I felt something solid.
I could feel his hot breath on my neck as he moved it to touch my warm, moist crevice.
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