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Uncle Kostya continued to fry me without stopping, and I could only wonder why he could not finish so long? And, as if reading my thoughts, he leaned on me with his whole body and, with the roar of a wild beast, began to drop straight into me.
I was not afraid to fly, as I recently ended my period and there was no risk.
There was so much sperm that when Uncle Kostya finally emptied his balls and pulled out a dick, part of it began to flow back, filling my thighs.

I was almost unconscious and could hardly stand up.
In my ears rang, and in the eyes of twofold.
Uncle Kostya took me in his arms and laid me on the sofa.
I slept a couple of hours.
When I woke up, I put a robe over my shoulders and went down to me.
There I took a shower and was about to go to bed again, when suddenly the phone rang.
It was Uncle Kostya.
He thanked me whole-heartedly for “everything” and asked me to visit him again sometime.
I promised that I would definitely come back to him and, wishing good night, I hung up the phone.
And the next day, Uncle Kostya came to me and repaired my broken TV, as promised.
Yes, there are still real men in the world! I treated him to tea and we began to speak with ease, like good old friends.
To be continued.
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Elena laughed and, teasing me, opened her hips and lifting them, showed her shamelessly open sex gap with a pink nipple protruding clitoris.
More than me ?! – With interest, she asked, appealingly throwing up and slowly dropping them.
Oh no! You’re beautiful! Having rushed at her, I crushed her hot body under me, and impatiently kicking a dick into her flaming flaming passion, began to convulsively beat, imagining that it was not her, but Hope was beating and uterinely moaning under me, throwing my hips.

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Well, I will help you, ”Elena promised, panting, breathing relaxedly next to me.
– You know, she is a note-taking lesbian and has long been begging me to become her partner.
One time, for the sake of you I will suffer.
But, and you, please, do not hesitate.
As soon as you hear her moans, act.
Yes, look, do not confuse us in the dark.
ABOUT! On this account, you dear, you can not worry.
I recognize your desired body in the darkest darkness.
And there, as in all city apartments, even with the lights turned off, it will be light enough not to confuse you.
I agree, but I have my own condition.
Either you accept it, or, we have not agreed.
I agree dear.
What is your condition? I want to be a man.
I have my own unrealized fantasies.
And so, I thought, if you agree, we will implement them together.
Oh, I certainly agree, honey.
I am delighted with

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your proposal.
It is so intriguing! Let me kiss you! Not now.
Will meet in the evening.
Now, me.
– she looked at her watch, -.
late for work.
Oh, honey! I will wait for you with such excitement! – exclaimed Venus with exaltation, and Elena thought with regret: – “How many beautiful men disappear alone because of such a crazy idiot ?! No, it definitely needs to be treated.
Perhaps, a normal woman will still come out of her. ”Semyon successfully coped with this very pleasant and desirable task for him, she almost had no doubt.
Harm, at least, it will not, and the chance for correction has appeared.
Making her bend low, she firmly tied her to the legs of the bed, bending over the ottoman.
Shaky, flinching, she stood, high raising up the ass.
Her plump, clean-shaven genital slit with open labia was visible between widely spaced legs.
Venus willingly and even happily submitted to her.
It was noticeable that she was terribly fond of undressing, blindfolding, tying in defiantly raskryachyennoy pose.
Having come to her, Elena deliberately removed a huge artificial member from the bag with a belt, which she, once, for a joke, as a lonely woman, was given with a hint by her friends on her birthday.
And here, it was useful.
Seeing him, Venus’s eyes flashed hot and fervent.
She pounced on her with kisses, and Elena had to endure her tenderness.
As a normally oriented woman, she preferred kisses with men.
Having finished tying her, Elena looked at her in confusion.
She was not at all tempted by the prospect of fucking this woman even with an artificial member.
She was disgusted by the very thought of it. Free sex live com.

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