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His sharp reprimand from the South Bronx native became even sharper than before: “The first round was a success, gentlemen.
Yes, sir.
Sylvia, baby, I really liked you.

True, you are too narrow everywhere, but it does not matter.
We will expand you.
After all, do you mind? Do you like the lesson of old Ali? And now, gentlemen, old Ali would like to invite you to a glass of signature cocktail in one cute zucchini.
Not far from here. ”
Ali’s shabby limousine brought us up to the spot in minutes.
When we entered, I was again unpleasantly surprised.
In the clubs of tobacco smoke in the twilight of the night bar could be

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seen dozens of black, chocolate, just dark faces.
Yes, and no one walks.
Everyone knows that it is not safe at all.
Anything can happen in such places.
whether the gears we all watch on tv in the evening news.
“That’s how such fools come across, like me,” flashed through my mind.
Therefore, I internally tensed and sat down at the offer.
Take a table.
And we are his friends.
I’ve been here before. ”
I calmed down a little, but with amazement I looked at my friend.
How little I, it turns out, I know.
He was smiling broadly, ordered to bring his favorite brand of cocktails, then he suggested that we “relax”.
“Will we make a little trip to the white kingdom?” The journey to the white kingdom began for me with a cigarette with a drug that was offered to me by kindly Ali.

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For me, never doing this, a cigarette was enough.
The same can probably be said about the ladies at our table.
They were silent all the time.
A blue smoke flew over our heads and melted in the noisy twilight around.
When I woke up from a short stupor, I saw the same situation around me.
Only Sylvia is missing.
The girl was not in the chair because she was on her knees between Ali’s widely spaced legs and giving him a blowjob.
Ali himself was pretty smiling, Karl was sitting with a missing look, and from all the neighboring tables, dozens of blacks of all colors and skin tones looked at him curiously and curiously as the lush blond woman sucks a huge black dick.
Sylvia stood with her back to the hall and everyone saw only the back of her head, rising and falling in continuous caress.
Sylvia tried to swallow a huge cock deep inside her mouth, but he, of course, did not fit, and she choked.
It was clear that despite the initial fear, she clearly enjoys.
She fidgeted with her big ass, spreading her knees wider.
The woman sucked her eyes tight.
Perhaps, from embarrassment, and maybe from pleasure.
Now I am thinking from both.
^ A waiter approached to our table on the side – a young lad of about sixteen.
Anyway, something boyish was in it.
He brought more cocktails.
Everything he saw undoubtedly aroused him as well as all those present.
“Hey man,” Ali suddenly turned with a grin. “You want to try a white woman too?” The boy was silent.
Ali winked at him and said, “Okay.
Put the tray.
Hey, Corina, why are you sitting? See how the young man wants you.
Join a friend.
“Korina, right from the chair on which she sat, slid to the floor and, unbuttoning the waiter’s pants, put her lips into his rebellious flesh.
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