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“Angel, show this bitch how this tool works,” Olga asked, pushing Nastya’s buttocks to the side and opening the entrance to the vagina.
– Nastena, spread the legs wider – asked Olga.
– I want like this.

– answered Nastya, continuing to caress her clitoris with her fingers.
– Oh well.
Angelina went up to Nastya’s exposed ass and put a big head of black dildo on tight lips.
Having run them up and down several times, she smeared the head with woman’s secretions and clasping the dildo with her hand began to press her hips.
Olga put her hand under Nastya’s body and changed her fingers with her own.
Nastya’s lips began to disperse to the sides according to the pressure of the head.
Nastya twisted her ass trying to quickly spread on this member.
Soon the head penetrated inside Nastya.
– Ooohh! – Yeah! Ohhh.
– moaned Nastya.
Olga continued to caress her beloved with one hand, and the second caressed Angelina’s open chest.
Angelina embraced Nastya by the hips and began to make longitudinal movements.
Each time the dildo was hiding in Nastya’s cave deeper and deeper.
Soon Angelina pressed her hips to Nastya’s hot buttocks.
Olga predestil his hand on the buttocks of Angelina and quickly slipped her finger in her supple ass.
From experience, Olga realized that Angelina often practices anal sex, and with aggregates of sufficiently large sizes.
– Angel, I have developed your butt.
– Olga smiled.
– Of course, Olga Sergeyevna.
Different clients come to me and everyone is happy with my service.
– Angelina answered rhythmically pulling Nastya’s vagina on her dildo. Hidden cam gay anal.

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