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But most of the messages were very demanding, even arrogant.
I’m such and such a member.
Come there and there.

I was disgusted.
I have not visited the site for two weeks.
Then came the amazing content of the letter.
“Hi, Ivan! I’m 33.
I have a daughter.
In his youth he went berserk, went through a bunch of girls.
It seems that everything is there, but sometimes it overwhelms the desire to try with a guy.
We mark him as a sick fantasy, but it returns again and again.
And sexually men do not attract me at all.
I would like to find a like-minded person just to talk on similar topics.
If there is a mutual desire, then try to have sex.
Kissing and screaming is not acceptable “I realized that this is the exact state of my soul.
I also did not have any tender feelings for the male half of humanity.
He was not ready to kiss and even more so to suck dick.
The ideal option for me was the presence of a live male member.
But the man was always attached to the member.
And, it seems, I met someone who, at least, could safely talk

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on this topic.
I wrote to Igor the answer.
We corresponded for two weeks, marveling at the similarity of a desire that is strange for an ordinary man.
Igor had an amazing sense of humor and knowledge of gender psychology.

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He calmly quoted Freud, showing a broad outlook and level of education.
I reread his letters several times, which, in the end, made me come to meet him.
We met in a cafe.
Igor was handsome with real masculine beauty.
broad shoulders, strong-willed face, eyes with squint, short hedgehog hair.
We sat in a cafe for several hours, drinking beer with crackers.
Just getting to know, talking about nothing.
Igor talked about his hobbies in his youth.
I also told him several stories of intimate communication with the opposite sex.
I was internally afraid that Igor would ask a direct question, to which I did not have an answer.
when will we meet for sex? When it was time to part, I decided.
suggested that Igor meet at my home next time.
I told him directly that I was not ready for sex yet, but I turned to more practical questions.
Does he know how to prepare the ass for a painless invasion?
To which Igor immediately replied that he had a wonderful air plug, which he often uses.
Hygiene issues were handled by the usual condom worn on him.
And since we are talking about preparations for sex, he would prefer sex without a condom, but with the obligatory certificate of passing tests.
I assured him that I will have a certificate for our next meeting, but I invite him only to just chat in a relaxed atmosphere.
I dictated my address to him and offered to meet right in the morning.
At the same time, we would have a whole day ahead if we, nevertheless, decided to have sex.
Igor, having checked his diary entries, agreed.
The day was especially convenient because the wife on the eve would have to leave for a couple of days to see her mother.
Everything was going just fine.
In the remaining days before the meeting, asking myself again and again about the hardness of my intention to try with a man, I noticed that the member starts to get up only at the thought of having sex with Igor. Hot latina models naked.

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