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Now I could not stop and began to gently pull off the girl with her panties, leaving her crack unprotected.
The champagne had already hit quite seriously in the head and the girl didn’t resist at all, just looked at me with cunning eyes.
Freeing her from her panties, I noticed that they were wet through.

My hand reached under the skirt, I felt the girl spread her legs and began gently massaging the clitoris.
A muffled but sweet moan came from her lips.
This moan aroused me almost more than anything that happens.
And I felt Alice’s hand in my fly.
She stroked through the jeans of my dick, throwing back her head, exposing her chest and gently moaning.
Suddenly, her hand stopped moving so rhythmically, she pulled me to her and whispered in her ear “yes, else.
I pressed the girl’s clitoris harder and after a while Alice began to twitch slightly, the hand that lay on my neck dug into my back

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and after a while the girl hung on me, covering me with kisses.
But just before we came to our senses, there was a noise next to us, rustling – some sort of campaign passed by us looking for a place at the riverbank.
I looked at the girl — she was all red, and there was a smile on her face.
Alice suggested a little walk and I did not resist.
I gave the girl her panties, but in response she winked at me and said “this is a gift.”
She walked in front of me along the bank of the river, walking barefoot on the hot sand.
We walked past couples and noisy campaigns.
I looked at the girl, I could not take my eyes off and did not immediately realize that she did not have underwear! The breeze lifted her skirt slightly and, if you looked closely, you could easily examine her chest through the topic.

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I began to look around and notice the views of the guys who are directed at my girl.
I was beginning to be a little jealous, but this was some kind of strange jealousy, it did not cause discomfort, but caused a surge of excitement.
I looked at the girl, she smiled, obviously noticing the views of those present on the shore.
She was madly in love with everything that happened, she liked what I saw.
And I really liked it.
I felt how my body rested against the pants of my pants, My Alice noticed this too.
We turned from the beach to the grove and barely entered hiding behind the bushes, the girl turned around, squatted, and, undoing my fly, pulled out a member.
I felt hot tender lips on him, like a tongue walking on him, I remembered how gracefully wagging my booty, my girl had just walked along the beach and from excitement, not restraining herself, almost immediately finished.
Alice was a little surprised, but obviously was pleased.
hiding my dick back pants, she straightened, kissed me and sent my hand under the skirt.
I felt her juice running down her legs.
“Want to go back to the beach?” – I asked her, “And you want?” – answered Liska, obviously hinting at her outfit.
I felt my cock swell and nod in response.
The girl just kissed me, and took her hand led back.
We went a little further, there were not so many people here.
Alice has given us a towel.
I put on swimming trunks in advance and just pulled off my pants and a T-shirt, with a grin asking the girl “Are you going to sit here in the sun like this?”.
What happened next, I could not foresee.
Alice reached for her purse, and, pulling out of her swimsuit pulled off her topic.
“Help me wear,” she said, looking at me with glowing eyes.
Although my view was definitely not aimed at the eyes.
When I didn’t immediately come to my senses, I tied a swimsuit on the back of a girl and started looking around — had anyone seen this?
In the distance, several couples and companies were whispering, I don’t know whether it was caused by Alice’s actions, otherwise everyone behaved at ease talking or just sunbathing.
Putting on her panties from a swimsuit set, Alice did not dare to take the same bold step. Innocent cam teen forced to squirts.

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