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However, the temptation was great, without saying a word, I took the keys from the table and threw them to Ole, waiting for her reaction.
Olya caught the keys, while her chest swayed gracefully, a little poro ran over my skin, it became noticeably tighter in my pants.
Meanwhile, Olya went to the door and locked it from the nutria, leaving the keys in the keyhole.

Locking the door, she slowly walked back to me, taking off her jacket as she went.
Returning to the place, Olya threw her blouse on the desk and, with slightly trembling lips, said – Will there be enough training to evaluate for the half year? “It depends on how you will work Olya,” I said with great difficulty.
After my words, Olya silently approached me in tight and slowly squatting between my legs began to unbutton my pants pants, it did not take her a lot of time and the next second her pen penetrated my pants.
I felt her fingers on my penis, from this feeling, my friend just jumped out of his pants.
Taking my dick in hand, Olya pulled the foreskin down exposing the head.
Then she wiped my friend out of nowhere from the sanitary napkin that had taken from her, and bent over and touched her cheek to it.
God, what a sensation it was, I hadn’t been so excited in life, I was ready to finish right now, but I just got myself together.
I took a deep breath and leaned back in my chair, and after a second I felt the moisture of my lips on my penis, looking down I saw that the head of my penis was wrapped around beautiful lips, another second and my penis was completely in Olga’s mouth.
After holding my cock in my mouth for a few seconds, Olga began to make reciprocating movements from each of which a wave of heat ran through my body.
Oh my God that it was for the blowjob, working with lips and tongue, she gave me indescribable pleasure.
For a 17 year old girl she had a good technique.

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She continued to work for several minutes, then, feeling that I would soon finish, she looked up from her occupation, looked up and asked if she would continue.
I couldn’t say anything with my eyes on the desk, she understood what I wanted.
Rising from the squat, Olya took off her jeans and ran her fingers under the elastic of her underpants.
I stopped her with a gesture and rose from the chair to her.
Quickly released from the clothes, the shoulders turned the girl back to himself and laid on the desk.
With a sharp movement I lowered her panties down to her knees, running a hand between her legs, I felt the heat and moisture of her bosom — she simply flowed.
Putting the head of the penis to her sexual lips, I held up and down several times and then with force entered the penis into the vagina, her bosom wrapped tightly around me, Olya screamed and breathed as if after a marathon.
Without hesitating a minute, I began to fuck her, intensifying and accelerating her pushes.
Olya moaned, her breathing became more and more frequent.
My feelings are hard to describe, I forgot everything, for me there were only movements back and forth.
Surprisingly, at that moment I remembered that I was fucking her without a condom, and before I left, I took out a member from Oli and poured jets of hot sperm on her ass and back.
Having come to myself a little and looking at the girl lying on the desk without movement and breathing heavily, I realized that she had not finished.
Putting my hand between her legs, I started to caress her clitoris and her crotch again, she began to breathe faster and deeper, while my fighter was white again, taking Olya by the shoulders, I turned her face to her, her face was red in the eyes of an unsatisfied desire.
I sat her on the edge of the desk so that she, leaning on her arms, leaned back a little, I spread her legs wider and went back into her pussy.
This time I moved rhythmically and slowly, driving my penis over and over again in the warmth and humidity of her body.
Olya was breathing deeper and deeper, and at the moment when I stopped for a second I blurted out – Tomorrow stop her monthly – but then I resumed my movements without letting her finish the sentence.
At the moment when I was close to orgasm, Olga suddenly trembled with her whole body and took a deep breath, squeezed me with her legs and fell on the desk, after 15 seconds I finished in her vagina, at that moment a piercing cry of pleasure broke out of her chest, all over her body sweat came out, the paint fell off her face, and Olya sat down on the desk firmly hugged me and kissed me on the

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Hugging, we fell on the desk powerless. Izidi bongacams.

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