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He threw off the shields of the shell and Masha saw the rising member.
The member was a normal size for the creature, but since they are somewhat denser than people, it appeared to be a giant for the girl.
But the hand itself reached out to him and the penis was in the palm, which could barely cover him.

The member was also soft and stroking it was a great pleasure.
The man, kneeling, hung his chest over the girl’s head, resting his hand on the floor, but her chest went further and the pink head of the penis rested against Masha’s cheek.
She was warm, and, as always, this warm was gentle.
Masha put the head in her mouth and began to suck, getting great pleasure from it.
The scrotum was not covered with hairs, as is customary in humans, and kneading it in the palm of your hand was pleasant.
The head occupied almost the entire mouth of the girl, but she began to push through her further, with each movement of the head grabbing the penis more per millimeter.
Masha felt that in her pussy there is no more language.
Creatures talked about something.
That girl’s mouth began to leave the penis, she reached for him, but he still jumped out.
The creatures were standing on their feet, the second one also lost its shell plates, in the place of which the member was now jutting out no less than the already caressed Masha.
The girl knelt in front of them and grabbed the penis in both hands.
At first, she gave her mouth to the member of the one who was pleasing her pussy, and the second satisfied with smooth movements of the hand and kneading the testicles.
But that member was not waiting for a long time.
The creatures stood opposite each other so that their trunks touched their heads, which gave Masha the opportunity to lick both of them at once and not to shake her head.

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But, in order to suck the member as a whole, I still had to move my head and it was not uncommon to go down with my lips to the eggs, which the girl liked to suck in particular, so tender and without hairs.
In the end, the men decided themselves to do business and lifted the girl from her knees.
She already figured out the position to stand with cancer, head one on the penis, but the creatures decided differently: one stood in front of Masha, the other behind her back, who easily lifted the girl about half a meter, and the second one attached the penis to her pussy and began to lower Masha on him.
Masha finished for the second time.
More precisely, she had finished, while a huge monster crawled into her hole, from which soft warmth flowed.
The girl sat on the whole penis and her legs dangled about 20 centimeters from the floor.
It seemed to her that she was holding a member, but these were the hands of the front creature, and the rear one lowered them onto Masha’s elastic ass and began to push the buttocks apart.
The girl felt between them head penis.
While he entered it, expanding the diameter of the anal, the girl could not breathe.
When he got into the ass to half, Masha felt that the members of the creatures put pressure on each other inside her.
And then the penis went all over.
The men gave the girl some time to get used to and slowly began to fuck on both sides, practically without moving the penises.
One held Masha on the waist, the other put his hands on her back, and the girl did not dare to move.
But the creatures could not hold back for a long time and the speed of movements abruptly jumped to the point that the members nearly flew out of the holes, and the eggs beat about the person – and this in a split second.
Masha wriggled between them and screamed with an almost solid cry.
It seemed to her that she was constantly ending.
And the creatures fucked the girl in this position for several hours without smoke breaks, then the members left the holes and Masha got to her feet, which buckled and she fell.
But the men raised her to her knees, she

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rather by inertia than in her mind, grabbed their limbs and started to jerk off, bringing them closer to each other and tickling her tongue on the heads.
From a blow of sperm in the face, the girl recoiled.
The sperm was hot and gently touched the skin, and had a yellowish color.
The second jet got into her mouth and filled it to the point that the sperm began to flow on the chin. Korean model big boobs.

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