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I beg you, help.
You are probably a mother too.
You probably have a son too? Yes there is.

He is already 25.
One brought him up, ”Nina replied.
Then you will understand me.
Help me, the woman pleaded.
Ok, what should I do? Let’s go to the next station, it will be in 5 minutes.
Here is a deserted place, a forest.
We will enter the forest, you will satisfy him and we will go on the next train further.
She will go in an hour.
Help me please! They came out on the next platform.
There were no people around.
The young man already excitedly looked at Nina, tried to paw her.
But the mother stopped him, and said: Now aunt will give you, wait.
In the forest just go.
Nina, you can ask, take off your shoes.
Son excites when women go barefoot.
Nina took off her shoes and put them in her bag.
They went to the forest.
Nina walked, carefully stepping barefoot on the ground.
The branches and bumps painfully dug into the skin of her feet.
She noticed that the young man did not take his eyes off her legs.
They went deeper into the forest.
Nina Nikolaevna stopped in indecision.
Well, here we are, the woman said happily.
What should I do? – asked Nina.
– Should I undress? Nothing Ninochka, lay down your hands, he will undress you himself, – the woman answered and brought her son to her.
Nina Nikolaevna lowered her hands and the young man began to undress her.
With trembling hands, he hastily removed her blouse and ripped off her bra.
The guy began to eagerly squeeze her breasts.

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He painfully crushed them, pinched, snapped at the nipples.
Nina closed her eyes meekly endured.
Then the guy took off her skirt and panties, and reached between her legs with his hand.
He began to stick his fingers into her vagina, pulling her labia.
Come on, son, take me, ”Nina whispered to him, tired of his rude caress.
The guy threw her on the grass and, crushing to the ground, lay on top.
Nina helped him to insert a member in himself and he quickly fucked her.
He had a rather large member.
He fucked her for a long time, turned her over several times, put her on cancer.
He finished with a cry, violently and abundantly.
Nina felt his sperm spread to the vagina.
Well, that’s all, son, that’s a good girl, – he said, standing next to his mother, when he got up from Nina and began to dress.
Nina also rose from the ground, the woman helped her dust off.
Nina Nikolaevna also began to dress.
Nina, just do not wear panties and a bra, he suddenly wants you to cuddle in the train.
Good, – answered Nina.

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She wore a blouse and skirt on her naked body, put on her shoes and they went to the platform.
In the train, while Nina was talking to his mother, the guy climbed to Nina under her blouse and skirt, crushed her boobs, twisted her crotch.
When they reached the platform, the woman began to thank Nina.
Having learned that their cottages are near and that Nina will be alone for a whole week, the woman invited her to visit her.
To be continued.
We slept until noon.
They threw off our bitch sms: “wait half an hour in a restaurant!”, Then went to dinner.
Elena came without delay, refreshed and clearly diligently prettier.
During lunch, we enjoyed our power, driving a woman like a servant for food and drinks for ourselves, not being embarrassed in the choice of tone and expression.
So, bitch, bring more grapes! Lenok, aren’t you late? Men want sweets for dessert! Well and what for shit you dragged, run to change, move rolls! Our girl did everything unconditionally, so at the end of the meal, I could not resist, and patted her cheerfully on the cheek, as if in front of me was not an adult, successful woman, but an obedient dog, pleasing the owners. Lesbian live video.

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