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A slender girl in an elongated beige coat with a fluffy mink collar and the same fluffy cuffs on the narrow sleeves walked along the street, with her head low and thinking about her.
I glanced at the traffic light.
I went to the other side and walked along the same street, but I stopped, stood in thought and turned off.

And the middle-aged woman, who was in a hurry to meet her, stopped, looked at the girl and followed her.
Alena Muratova walked along the

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familiar path from the pedagogical institute to the scientific library, but she remembered that she was not going to study, but to search for a room: the dormitory of philology students was immediately closed for repairs.
The three girls who lived in the same room with Alena were leaving, who was going where: to a distant relative, to an old mother’s friend, and Alena flew to Khabarovsk from Sakhalin, and she did not have any relatives on the mainland.
There was, of course, relatives somewhere, but neither Alena knew anything about that relatives, nor those relatives, and lived relatives not in the Far East, but in central Russia.
So, in thought, Alena reached the kiosk “Gorspravka”.
Immediately behind the kiosk, stands with ads were hung on the blank wall of the corner house, where people were always crowded, and even now, when there was cold and wind in the city, they were standing, and in small groups and alone, and waited for something.
Alyona walked from the stand to the stand, her eyes ran along standard paper squares, and in all the announcements the same word was underlined in red pencil: “I was”, and only at the farthest stand flashed “selling” and “buying.”

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“And you, girl, what are you changing?” A female voice sternly asked.
– I do not change.
I need a room, – turning around, said Alain.
– Aaaa.
– said the woman, already turning away and moving away from Alyona, and in her tone, and in pursed lips, that she saw Alain, before the woman turned her back to her, there was such disdain that the girl mixed up: why ?! Stepping heavily, as if she were being dragged to the ground, and the baggy coat of a pale green color, as if burnt out in July sun or faded from frequent boiling, and a badly tailored wolf-fur men’s hat, the overweight woman had already moved to the center of the site to a small group of people and that she said, glancing in the direction of Alena, and Alena imagined that the whole flock was looking at her unkindly, and she was infinitely uncomfortable here on the patch, and wanted to rather get away from the unkind eyes, but she had nowhere to go, she needed an overnight stay at least some rvoe time, and she turned back to the stand.
Now she reads the ads thoughtfully, afraid to skip what was needed, but after the words “I’m changing”, “selling”, “buying” I went one by one I’ll take it off. ”
“What are you looking for, girl?” – quietly asked a woman’s voice from behind, and Alain internally shrank, trying to become inconspicuous, and pretended not to hear the voice, but a voice quietly, but insistently asked: “Do you need a room? Are you a student?” – and it was impossible not to hear him anymore, and doomed Alain turned around, and nodded timidly: “Yes.”
“Let’s go,” the woman said quietly and firmly.
She was a middle-aged, short and thin, dressed in a not new, but good-quality mouton fur coat, the fur was not tired, so Alena, like the daughter of a hunter, understood quite well, it can be seen that the woman did not wear the fur coat all winter, without taking off, she had and other things; the head of the woman was shrouded in a warm downy shawl, the shawl was good, expensive, but its dark color did not paint the woman, giving an earthy shade to white thin skin.
– Let’s go, – the woman repeated and went, as if without doubting that Alyona would immediately follow her, and Alain went, without having time to either rejoice or be surprised, just thinking: how far? Live sex com.

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