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Tomorrow I will take you to one club, see how to do it right.
– She laughed when she looked at my face, on which horror appeared: – Nobody is driving you to the strippers

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I just like it when girls do it beautifully and erotically.

Okay, – she slyly looked at me: – Look! She began to undress.
I was already jealous.
Indeed, she did it very beautifully and unusually erotic, very seductively.
With talent even! And then Katyusha pulled me into the hall and on to the toilet.
I did not understand why, when she sat on the toilet and got a razor and shaving cream out of the bag.
Patting me on the pipisk, she said: Well, how can you run yourself like that! You have the whole jungle there! Smearing Katyusha gently shaved off all her hair, not forgetting her ass.
I was extremely ashamed: the youngster shaves an adult girl, almost twice as old, and she obediently endures it.
And at the same time, it made me very excited, I even managed to cum from it.
Oh you slut! – Kate looked up at me.
– Oh, you lustful bitch! She ran her fingers over my naked pipe, grabbed my hair, made me bend down and put my fingers in my mouth.
I enjoyed sucking her fingers and licking my juices.
It’s crazy: I obeyed the girl, almost half as much, she called me dirty words, and I got incredible pleasure from this! And Katya suddenly pulled her fingers out of my mouth and huddled in an orgasm.
Fuck, she kept the last of her strength! I raised the girl in my arms and carried into the hall.
Kate opened her eyes, sighed and, embracing me by the neck, passionately kissed.
I almost let it go and I almost fell off myself when I answered no less passionately, but I still managed to get across.
Putting it on the table, I began to cover her face and neck with kisses, stroked my ears with my tongue, and went over to my chest.

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Katya squirmed beneath me from pleasure, when I played with my lips and tongue with her nipples.
Having finished playing with her breasts, I laid a path to her navel, caressed him with my tongue, and went down below to the flower of her passion.
And again, as I found something.
I licked, sucked, could not get drunk katin nectar.
Having thrust two fingers into her hole, I began to fuck her, while drinking her love juice.
Katya’s body bent in orgasm, she didn’t scream, she screamed.
One orgasm, second, third, fourth orgasm, and I still continued to fuck her, ending with it.
Finally, Katenka began to break free from my arms.
I barely managed to free myself, I did not want to let her go from me.
From now on, I will tie you up before letting me down to my pussy, ”she said quite seriously.
– And now I will punish you.
Get on all fours! I got up, not quite understanding what she wanted.
And here I see how she takes out her bag and puts on a strapon.
My mouth opened by itself: this is the preparation for going to the library! And Katyusha had already inserted a member into my open mouth, and I began to lick and suck it.
Of course, this is not what her pussy, but, nevertheless, also a good thing.
Deciding that I had wetted my dick enough, Katya came back and began to slowly insert a strapon into my hole.
However, lubrication was not required: my pussy was wet.
It seems that Katenka understood this, and at once entered the entire depth.
3 I fucked Yulenka and could hardly believe my happiness: my fantasies came true to the fullest! I obey the adult girl! But Yulenka’s groans became more and more passionate, she rotated her hips, trying to implant herself on the phallus as deep as possible.
Feeling the growing tension, I tried to slow down the arrival of the Yulina orgasm.
And here came the moment: announcing the library with screams, we simultaneously plunged the sweet waves of orgasm.
Yulenka fell to the floor, I fell from above.
We first lay motionless, then I started stroking and kissing her amazing back and ass, and for the first time I got to her bud.
Damn, how much we fucked with her, I was only now able to taste it.
I really liked her taste – so sweet, with sourness.
The same century would have licked such a tasty food.
But I still returned to the anus, began to lick and put a finger in the hole.
My tongue games excited Yulechka very much, but, nevertheless, he protested: Katya, I don’t need to be there! Live sex come.

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