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You see, I must, I must see her! He slammed his fist across the plastic frame.
– Good.
But this is not for you, only for Ani.

Write down.
– finally agreed Irina.
A few minutes later, Dementy sat behind the wheel.
He went to the emergency hospital.
Part 1 Alesha.
On the eighth day of the trip, I realized that I could not go on.
Despite all the concerns of the guys, the flu did its dirty work.
A tractor-all-terrain vehicle, a driver mechanic, whom I was, at the same time performing all other duties on the mechanical part, remained mothballed until the spring on the base.
There was no one to carry me in my arms, everyone was overloaded.
Someone remembered that, on the side of our path, about 15 kilometers away, there should be a stationary meteorological station.
I resolutely refused to be escorted, embarked on skis, dropped a backpack on my shoulders and set off under the doubtful looks of my friends.
Trouble lurks always unexpectedly: the snow beneath me suddenly a donkey and I found myself in the water in the belt.
Under the snow there was a snowstorm, and I managed to fall into it.
Having lost my skis, I barely climbed onto the snow.
How did the rest of the way – I do not remember.
I only remember that at the door of the weather station I tried to get up, but my legs did not hold me and I collapsed on the porch.
I woke up quickly.
The nimble girls’ hands already undressed me and rubbed with alcohol.
After 10 minutes, I lay under two blankets and drank strong tea in half with alcohol.
I woke up the next day late.
Outside the window was light.
– Girls – I called.
A young blonde came out of the room, dressed in a light gray jersey suit, which favorably emphasized her wonderfully developed forms.
– Tell me, please, where can I see the head of the station and do you know if you sent a radiogram to the party that I got safely? The blonde smiled and replied that the radiogram was transmitted, and the station head Natalia Vasilyevna Kuznetsova I see in front of me.

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– And this, she pointed to the second girl standing in the doorway, my deputy – Lia Vladimirovna Volina.
And we already know about you.
You are a mechanical engineer of the geological expedition Snezhin Alexey – she stumbled for a moment.
– Ivanovich – I suggested.
So my acquaintance with two took place.
I do not know only the words.
Generally with people whose fate has become my destiny.
Part 2 Natasha.
Leah and I are friends since childhood.
We lived in the same house, studied at the same institute, and up to 4 courses were inseparable.
Together at the dance, together at the lectures, together we prepared for the examinations.
At the end of the 4th year, I married a graduate student, Volodya, who conducted practical exercises with us.
After that, Leah and I began to meet less frequently.
I was engaged in the device of life, I enjoyed new sensations and feelings of physical intimacy with a man.
I loved Volodya.
We were young, healthy, and, after a short natural period of feeling awakening (I was a girl before marriage), selflessly surrendered to the passion in love for love that had awakened in me.
Volodya was more experienced than me.
Although he never told me this, I guessed that he had women before me.
But his past did not bother me.
I enjoyed the present.
Before marriage, I was in complete ignorance about the intimate side of family life, t.
theoretically, I knew what was happening between a husband and wife in bed, and my friends sometimes told some episodes from their adventures for the sake of boasting, but I didn’t really believe them, I thought they were deliberately composing to embellish actual sexual intercourse.
I was a little involved in sports, was healthy, always in the midst of my friends and comrades, and I felt little sex demands.
Only in the last six months before marriage, when our relations with Volodya moved from kisses to more intimate ones, at night I felt weary and mentally tried to imagine how it would all be.
At one time I was tormented by the question of how I would call mine with him.
and him.
, and with what words he will tell me about his desire.
In reality, everything turned out to be much simpler, and we did not need the first words to indicate this.
The feeling of keen curiosity after the first time was replaced by a feeling of mild disappointment. Live teen masturbation.

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