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Lather just like a hand or any other part of the body.
But I liked the reaction of your wife, I really liked it, – Mikhail obviously relished, – First, she didn’t do something that didn’t recoil, but spread her legs wider so that it was more convenient for me to wash her.
Secondly, it was wet and very hot – you can’t confuse this sticky juice with a shower water.

And third, when I touched her pussy, she moaned softly.
She did it not on purpose, not so that I heard, but simply could not hold back.
– But why did she run out? – Funny, but also a piquant story.
After I soaped her before, I turned my back on Dasha.
My dick pressed against her elastic ass – and she is so sexy at Dasha – that I thought about it for a moment, and my dick, standing up, pressed into her anus.
Dasha apparently thought that it was my hand and, without turning around, decided to remove it.
But taking the penis in her hand, she realized that this was not at all what she was thinking.
Continuing to hold the member in her hand, she slowly turned and saw what was in her hands.
You should have seen her round eyes in surprise! In general, she was clearly dumbfounded: she let go of my dick and ran out of the booth, leaving me and my gear.
Here, by the way, her panties – Michael handed me wet clothes.
I took my wife’s panties from him: – So what now? – Panties – wash and dry, – Michael answered jokingly, – And my wife and I need to work a little.

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Now she is excited and confused.
She wants, and prickly.
Your help will also be required.
– What should I do? – You have to surprise her.
Demonstrate the delight of her behavior.
Have sex with her.
“With pleasure,” I replied, throwing open a towel, from under which my erect pisyun jumped out.
– Listen to me to the end.
Have sex with her so that you look pathetic.
Show her once again that you are no lover.
Dasha after your communication should calm down about the stability of the marriage, but remain sexually unsatisfied.
In the evening, at the dinner, I will introduce her to the sex wifa, which the negros have stared at the diving center.
Let him share with Dasha the knowledge of how his wife should behave in order for the marriage to be successful.
This will be a very useful lesson, so to speak, the theory and practice of a happy family life.
Well, go to Dasha.
The feud between the two women began almost since they came to teach in school.
Despite the fact that the interests of Olga Olegovna and Svetlana Alexandrovna could not be the cause of their hostility, bad relations between them had already passed into several verbal duels, one of which almost went into a fistfight.
It happened when Svetlana Aleksandrovna received a prestigious state award and received congratulations from her colleagues and students.
During the ceremony, the students took turns congratulating the physics teacher.
Finally, the turn came to Gregory, Olga Olegovna’s pet, who made a long and beautiful speech in

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honor of Svetlana Alexandrovna, while a broad smile appeared on the face of the brunette, which her rival could not but notice.
After a long (and for Olga O., painful) ceremony, the students and teachers sat down at the table, generously served with cakes, pies and muffins. Livejasmin account password.

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