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Can’t hear the words, but hear the feelings.
What will be tomorrow? Knows only the night and the moon.
Spiders – so called our informal quartet of the girl.

We were punk students who studied at? GTU, worked on a construction site to have at least some money, and in their free time either went to concerts or hung out in a hostel.
In general, the institute had two dormitories, the first paid one with all the conveniences in it were mostly children of more or less wealthy parents and a second economy class, in which even botanists began to punk.
And all would be nothing if these rich kids would not run over us, saying “Hello residents of the

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Landfill (as they called our hostel) not to lend you a trifle on soap or a bottle of beer.”
This often led to the fact that we had not very pleasant clashes with them.
Apart from the following: One night, the four of us, picking up a beer, walked from a rock concert through the park and suddenly heard the girlish laughter behind us, looking back, we saw two twins (Tanya and Anya) with whom I studied in the same group, they were from a rich family, and behaved as if everything was possible for them.

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As it turned out, these fools were following us to make fun.
“Punks hoi” – shouted Tanka with a laugh: – “How is life at the dump?” “Hey, isn’t there a little change in beer?!” Said Anka, jingling money in her hand.
Less than a minute later, these coins flew into our backs, after which these creatures began to laugh even louder.
And then our patience ran out, and we, turning around, ran at them, seeing this, they tried to run away, but it was in vain, after a minute we caught up with them and, having broken into pairs, grabbed our hands, pressed to the benches.
“Let go of the freaks,” Anka began to shout: “I will call my father, he will tear off your eggs.” Dad and they are really cool.
Without thinking for a long time, I slightly lay down on Tanya and began to caress her face with one hand, and with the other my chest, her attempt to bite my hand ended with the fact that I grabbed her jaw and began to kiss passionately.
After a couple of minutes, I noticed that Tanya stopped kicking and even started to moan pretty, I asked a friend to let go of her hands, and she immediately grabbed my back.
As soon as I shoved her hand under her skirt, Tanya suddenly started kicking again, but I grabbed her hair and whispered in her ear: “Be an obedient girl, and I promise you will be pleased with your punishment.”
“Your punishment?” – Anka shouted slightly with fright, and immediately saw how three of my friends put on condoms (we all carried them with us in the hostel, t.
girls neformalki highly respected such caring guys).
“No, please don’t touch her. Livejasmin who’s online.

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