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Do you understand? Yes, my Lady, as I said, I will do everything you say.
If only everything remained between us.
So that’s great.

And now back to the listing of your duties.
All of our worn underwear will undergo a mandatory pre-wash, just in your mouth.
You will suck on our dirty underpants, stockings, pantyhose, and so on, and only then, when they are almost clean, at least from sweat or our other secretions, can you send them to the regular wash.
By the way, I can make you happy, you will not have to do any household chores, a servant comes to us every week to do this.
Single woman, about forty years.
She, of course, will see you, and will know that we are getting up to you, but she, I am sure, will keep her mouth shut, I pay her well and she will hold on to her work.
We even probably give her the right to scoff at you if she wants.
And I think she wants, for good reason she is lonely, it can be seen, too, with men of disagreement.
Also, your duty will be to serve us during your period.
We will use you as a gasket.
Squeeze your face into your pussy and lick all our menstrual flow.
Clear? Yes, Mistress.
So, what else? – for a moment she thought.
– Here, in my opinion, and everything, I told you about all your main duties.
Not so much as you, I hope, noticed.
And if you still remember, I will say.
But also, I would like to warn you.
One mindless execution of our orders or whims you will not get off.
All that we order to you, you must not just perform, but strive to do it as best as possible, in order to please your Mistresses as much as possible.

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And if we feel that you could fulfill our instructions better than you fulfilled, then we will punish you.
All that you will do for us, you must do with great pleasure, at least so that everything looks that way.
If you lick us, you should lick as if it were the best thing for you that you have ever done in life.
Lick should passionately invest in this business, so to speak, his whole soul.
If you eat our shit, drink urine, or use any other excrements of our organisms, you should look as if you have never tasted anything tastier in life.
And after you eat shit or drink urine, you will thank us for allowing you to eat our delicious feces.
After all, our shit and urine should be for you like manna from heaven.
When we mock you, you should just be happy and strive to make sure we mock you as much as possible.
And by the way, the perversity of our bullying you will be limited only by our imagination.
And she, we believe, has no limits.
And in general, first of all you yourself should strive to humiliate yourself before us.
This should be one of the main goals in the life of a slave.
If neither of us humiliates you in some

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period of time, does not mock you, does not force you to lick her or something else, then this does not mean that you can rest easy during this time.
You yourself must take the initiative, for example, go to the Lady and lick her legs, ass or pussy, even if she does not order it to you.
You can just sniff her worn underwear or, for example, sweaty legs, getting high from the inhalation of their beautiful fragrance.
And besides, do not forget about your duty to pre-wash in your mouth all our dirty underwear, it should not accumulate.
While you are in this house, you should never have a single minute free from any humiliation.
Even at night, or when we are absent, you will always be humbled.
We will always think up before leaving home or at night how to leave you in a degrading situation.
For example, we will put our dirty underpants or tights on your head, stuff them into your mouth in the form of a gag. Many cam sex.

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