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The fist slammed hard into the top prick.
Chicken cock snored and recoiled back.
– Ugh! Mother peremat! Sam’s fingers were covered in sticky stuff.

What is it? Ah, got it! The ugly creature was just full of sperm.
Sam disdainfully wiped the back of his hand on his shirt.
Must be bumped lower to not get dirty again.
But this time he hit the chicken cock member.
He punched Sam in the stomach with such a kick that the dice of the press did not help either.
Sam wheezed and doubled over.
The agile creature did not miss the opportunity to jump over the back of the hero of the Galaxy and.
Sam dodged at the last moment and did not allow to humiliate himself.
Perhaps he would still deal with this freak, strangle with his bare hands, but then from the container appeared the same.
And then the third image popped up.
They began to surround, whimpering, grunting, publishing an angry, sexually-hungry squeak.
– Yo

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Mama! Sam had no choice but to run.
But running back did not make sense.
There was nothing but the already closed passage from another level.
Run forward to the open field? Well, I do not.
Chicken cockheads were worn like mad.
Like freaking ostriches! There, they instantly catch him and otymeyut.
Sam ran around the open container.
And lo and behold! On the other hand I saw a gun and a couple of clips to him.
Doodle Stupid! We had to first go around these containers, and only then open the first one.
Sam grabbed a pistol, drove a clip into it with a familiar movement, and turning around opened fire.
The effect of the hit was suicidal.
The first member of the head burst like a swollen abscess, literally exploded with a fountain of sperm! Cursing Sam jumped aside.
Not enough yet to get under this shower! He’s not a woman! This woman in the buzz in such a protein shake to swim.
The second and third bullets interrupted the life of the next member of the head.

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From the third I had to make a strafe to the right and with a reversal put a fat spermothok in this duel.
– Whew! Sam took a breath.
Assembled armored plates.
First aid kit is not needed.
He carefully crept to the entrance to the container.
No sound came from there.
It looks like everything.
Only three critters were there.
He went inside and found there a bullet-proof vest on + 50 protection.
Well, not bad for a start.
Now here’s the question: do other containers open? From there surely dickheads will jump out, but he will also find something useful too.
Vintar for example, and maybe the Thompson.
After thinking a little, Sam decided to wait a little while for the discovery.
First, go ahead and a little reconnoiter that there.
Moreover, he noticed some buildings far away in the field.
Send a piece of chocolate bar in your mouth.
Take a sip from a cup of tea.
Continue games) Sam discovered a strange object in the grass on the way to the buildings.
By the form of a gun, but on the trunk some kind of stray was attached in the form of a hefty rubber funnel.
When he pulled the trigger, there was a sound like it happens when flushing the toilet in a public toilet somewhere at the station.
The funnel at the same time with terrible force pulled in the air and compressed itself.
When he released the trigger a savory “Hook!” Was heard. The funnel took on its former form, throwing the air back under strong pressure.
Vibration, right up to the butt reached.
– And what is this kind of madism? – Sam pushed the trigger five or six times, desecrating the neighborhood with the obscene sounds of his new toy.
– To me that this, point someone clean? (Reference: Inhibitor air release Damage – 8 Clip – 1 device for air intake and discharge (automatic, manual control) Type of ammunition – no Per.
Equipment – gravitational compensator. Rate of fire – 30 aspirations and blows per minute.
Designed for melee bo) – Well, let’s see what kind of beast.
Sam headed on.
But before he could even walk twenty paces, alarming music burst from the sky, meaning that the attack was about to begin.
And she was not long in coming.
Sam saw between the narrow long.
buildings flashed some figures.
It was still a long way from them and he did not understand who his opponent was this time.
About a dozen unknown approached him.
In vamyagivatelvuybop Sam for the time being removed.
I decided to use the gun.
Meanwhile, the attackers were approaching.
It came to Sam.
Female screech ?! Baba ?! For sure! On it ten ten-wheeled, absolutely revolted women rushed! Totally naked! Beauties, blondes, as on selection.
Long, slender legs, large – priests, shaved pubes, labia.
Tits watermelons! Huge, filled with ripeness, fluttering and bouncing.
– Oh yeah! – Sam bellowed.
– Go to daddy! Mobile phone cam sex.

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