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I, too, grew bolder, more precisely, I did not think about anything, my brain was completely turned off.
There was only the buzz! And I began to stroke her vagina, it was all wet, just flowed! Mom moaned and continued to suck my dick.
I finished again, already in her mouth.

And then I saw what it was like when women end up.
It was not a moan, but just a howl! She sat so that the vagina was on my face, in short 69.

And we continued to caress each other.
When she began to finish again, she jumped up and sat down on my dick.
It was a jump !!! I no longer understood when I would finish and when she ended.
It was just super! and lasted all night.
I didn’t go to school in the morning! We slept until dinner, and when we woke we decided to repeat it.
For me, came the sweet life, I threw my girlfriend.
Compared to her mom, she was just a fool! Yes, and sex with her was such that it is better to jerk her hand.
We went with mom everywhere.
She took me to restaurants, and I dragged her to the concerts “Dynamics”.

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Hardly around anyone thought we were mother and son.
She taught me all the intricacies of sex, there was no forbidden for us.
And I am very grateful to her for this.
After half a year my father arrived and it was all over.
Mom told me that all this will not happen.
YES, I actually did not mind, I began to teach the mind to reason of their young girlfriends, and then my wife.
Such was the story in my life.
I love you, mommy!

Shyness has disappeared somewhere, she acquired an excellent battery-operated vibrator in the sex shop, and now, having fun with her son’s penis, she inserted the vibrator into the vagina, making herself even more fun.
Time went by.
Alla turned 35, Vladik – 12.
By this time, Vladik was already Alla up to her chin.
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