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She picked up the phone and, taking a deep breath, began to dial handwritten numbers.
His powerful analytical mind calculated the probability of events and gave an answer – there are no reasons for alarm.
But in the shower sat a thorn.

With this thorn, he entered the office.
He sat down at the table, pulled up a business correspondence and a fresh press, but could not work.
The imperceptible thing annoyed him.
He got up from the table, walked over to the window and, with his hands behind his back, began to glance mindlessly through the wet landscape from the rain outside the window.
On the table lit up the “business” delta.
An unseen something answered – here it is! Glancing at the number on the scoreboard, he noted the eastern region.
And he put the phone to his ear – I listen.
A powerful aura of resentment, evil helplessness and despair rushed out of the tube, connecting subscribers across thousands of kilometers.
But the most important facts.
They were delivered clearly, clearly, literally – in two languages.
And the facts lay in a mosaic and the brain instantly considering the options gave the best solution Where are you calling from? Drop everything immediately, do not talk to anyone, get in a taxi and drive home, in an hour Viktor Ivanovich will come to you, he will show his ID, follow all his commands.

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All daughter – run! Whoever saw this “kolobok” in the case, he knows that this “bulldozer” equipped with a computer is capable of surpassing almost everyone in working capacity, and in terms of the number of functions performed at the same time, he has no equal.
Is the money for the Turkish project gone? To freeze.
And without my knowledge.
How many sold shares of the oil company.
Stop on all exchanges.
Seregina run to me.
Victor immediately take under the protection of Olga K.
works in my concern for you.
Connect with the presidential economic security adviser, if not in the region, then with himself.
I warn !!! Persons with an unstable psyche, pregnant women and children to read this text are absolutely contraindicated !!! Once upon a time I was in a madhouse.
No, it was not a simple madhouse.
There were people who could not be released into our world under any sauce.
They represented a danger to society.
Not all.
But many.
I had a love relationship with a woman who had all the tolerances there.
She allowed me to have long conversations with patients held there.

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I have heard many stories and present them to your judgment.
You have the right to condemn, blame, hate, despise them.
But I went to any of the cameras first of all sympathized with them.
It was easier for me to listen to and understand their pain, sometimes remorse.
Many years have passed, but I do not consider myself entitled to disclose their names and where it happened and at what time.
Let – it will remain their secret.
The Story of Giniibus Makentoshir.
I was about twenty-five or twenty-six.
I fell in love with a girl of 18 years.
Her name was Mandragora.
Her mother, a beautiful woman of 37 years, was not bad.
I decided to seduce her to be closer to my beloved.
I succeeded easily.
Her daughter didn’t touch me.
She called me dad. Naked webcam couple.

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