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Sharp, painful, sweet and strong.
I wanted to cry, that he

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felt sorry for me, I wanted to show my weakness and convey these emotions to him, I wanted to.
I just wanted to.

I sobbed and moaned a little, pressed him to my side, crumpled his back, sucked his tongue and bit the cheek and lips, stroked his hair and substituted his neck for kisses.
I love it so much when they hug and kiss me on the neck, but he didn’t guess it, which is a pity.
Only my pain passed, I felt nice and good, but he had finished and got up.
I was lying without thoughts, breathing hard, and he was changing a condom.
Then he stepped into me sharply and deeply, that I even screamed, and began to move in me, like a nice warm piston, of medium size, but I wanted more.
I wanted affection, tenderness, actions on his part, at least some additional ones, but no – he only sometimes kissed me on the lips and moved with variable frequency.
This did not last long, he finished again and went out, said thanks and ran to the bathroom.
And I’m not at all tired and unsatisfied.
lay in bed.
He came, lay down beside him and said that I also needed to go to the bathroom, I got up without words and went, I was glad that there was no blood at all.
I put myself in order and returned to him under the blanket.
Sasha hugged me and we lay and talked.
I told him that he had cracked me with stubble, to which he replied that he had not prepared, and I said that spontaneous decisions are always the best.
He told me that I should not even deceive myself.
I realized that he knew all the time about my intention that I was cold with me because I did not want to.
to spoil our “FRIENDLY RELATIONS”, I felt so foul on my heart, I almost burst into tears because I was so stupid that he was so cruel.
I felt sorry for myself, I was sad to the bitterness, I wanted to fall through the earth, how can you be so cold-blooded ?! And how could you humiliate yourself so much ?! He told me that nothing terrible, but I was afraid, still asked me how impressions, I could not say anything, I was silent, so as not to cry, but I was not enough: love, caress, sex, and HIS.

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I wanted everything else, and especially wanted this feeling of bitterness from humiliation and sweetness from breaking a hymen.
Then we talked freely, like friends, on all topics, I was clever again and laughed through tears.
I was so angry at myself and at him, and it is not at all clear to whom anymore.
She persuaded herself not to regret, looked for positive moments, even put her lips to his shoulder.
I would give him so much affection, tenderness and care, like no one ever, but he did not notice my hints and did not see my sufferings.
I would like to know so much – what was he thinking about then, and is there even a drop of love for me in his heart, even a germ of any feelings, why can I not read minds? Or is it good that I do not know how, because he can not think about me at all? Maybe I’m in love? And in vain, although I want these sweet torments, in short – I’m losing my mind.
They lay, then tried to sleep, but I didn’t sleep well, woke up early and at the same time.
I ran to the bathroom, washed my face, cursed myself and brushed my teeth, then returned.
He hugged me tightly and hugged me, putting my foot between my legs, I wonder, he felt how hot and wet it was, how much I wanted.
He said he hated the morning, and put my hand on the penis that stood.
I said, “Come on!”
And he – bare penis and put it in my hand, and his, pushing my panties, began to wield in me.
I kicked his head, and he excited me with his fingers, and he finished again, but no, it’s not fair !!! All morning and all day there was indifference to me, ignore, coldness, but I so wanted to be caught and raped a couple of times, so wanted.
BUT NO action, and I was angry at everyone and everything.
I said that he was not affectionate, and asked why it was so harmful and cold, but he shrugged his shoulders, saying that he really was.
I pushed him away from me and left.
I do not know what to do next and how to behave with him! I know only one thing. Yesterday he wanted to quit smoking, but today he could not, maybe it means something, or maybe not.
I would love to hear the answers to my questions, but.
2010 Yes, judging by the latest events, which I will now describe, I am not very smart and quick-witted, although two months ago I would never have thought that I could behave this way.
Any girl, after reading my story, will say that I am an idiot, devoid of the slightest hint of pride.
Not only that, thanks to my friend, I helped Sasha and his friend from scratch to earn 300 hryvnia, of course, without much gratitude from his side. Nude on live tv show.

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