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– And I’ll leave her underwear as a keepsake! – Hey, I wanted to pick them up! – the guy was holding a piece of cloth in his hands and was obviously not very eager to give them away.
– Come on, Misha, I will give you my own, if you really want to! – Dina smiled, not stopping to stick Lena’s head on the penis.

The guy hesitated for a while, but still lost the trophy.
But then he took a step forward and shamelessly ran his hands under Dina’s dress.
– Hey, what are you doing !? She squealed.
– I take my own! – the guy laughed, quickly pulling off her panties from the girl.
– You and so good! The company laughed.
I made fun of everything.
She called Lenka as best she could, gave advice, quite disregarding the fact that the girl simply could not follow them – Dina’s tenacious grip did not leave her the slightest room for maneuver.
– Fuck, I’ll graduate! – declared the guy.
– Change me who, eh? I still want to fuck this damn ass! “Without a market,” Misha immediately responded, quickly uncovering his unit.
– Come here this pacifier! Lena was picked up and dragged as a doll a couple of meters away, placing her on her knees in front of a new member.
– Come on, suck, warden! – cheered Lena slightly hesitant Tanya.
– Come on, pump yourself on the top five for mantana! The girl looked over her shoulder with slightly clouded eyes and only then moved a little closer, taking the next member in her mouth.
Dina immediately moved slightly, preparing to continue to “help” Lena.
– No, do not touch! – Misha dismissed.
– SchA try to tame her.
Hey, huesoska, work slower! Slower fucking! – the guy snapped loudly, seeing that words do not reach.

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However, from a sharp shout, Lena still slowed down the rhythm, taking deeply but relatively slowly in her mouth.
– In, at once it would be so, – Mikhail smiled, putting a hand on the back of the girl’s head and holding it, thrusting his dick deep into the girl’s throat.
– Got it right, fuck? – again snapped Misha.
– Now she just come on, nipple! Oddly enough, Lena still understood what she herself was demanded of herself, completely voluntarily, under the crowd’s hooting, she sat down deeply on her penis, choking on them, trying to suck the guy on the throat.
The girl choked, the saliva flowed down the chin, but continued to suck.
Despite the fact that what was happening to her, in theory, really should not have liked.
I stood at the wall, clutching a faceted glass in my hands, which was still somewhere else at the beginning of this spectacle.
From one thought that I, in general, an accomplice of all this, I was a little sick.
Although, in general, not

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so much as in the beginning.
Well fuck? AND? All the same, Lenka had nothing written on his face all the last year.
Maybe she will even benefit from such a shake.
But I still wanted to leave.
Wash under the guise.
But only Tanya was standing right next to the exit, and sometimes I caught her eyes on myself out of the corner of my eye.
And she understood that I simply wouldn’t be allowed to leave now.
Undress, bend and fuck.
Force will pour into the mouth a similar disgusting, if they wish.
And already I will obediently choke, deeply taking into the mouth of a guy whose name I not only do not know – I generally, judging by Lenka, will not care who suck.
– Well, everything, fuck! – said the guy still not involved in the process.
– Well, lay out this fucking on the table! The table was released at the moment.
Lenka was dragged again, putting his belly up on a solid tabletop.
The head hung on one side, the legs on the other.
– Give something to her ass shove! – the guy declared, quickly stretching with his fingers Lena’s wet hole.
– Well, lick the eggs, hoezoska! – Michael snapped, laying his dick on the girl’s face.
– Ltd! It is necessary zafotat! – Tanya stretched out and, having left the room for a minute, returned with a magnificent camera. On camera sex.

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