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I got addicted to this wife, but it turned out that giving a lick to my ass or giving a blowjob to a stranger is even more interesting! What is your deviation? Can you tell me? And I say bluntly – my bzik to teach people to do blowjob, who have never done this.
Since girls learn this in kindergarten, who is left? Right.
ordinary guys.

Those who carry this fantasy in themselves live with their young wife and raise small children.
By the way, in my humble experience they usually have boys.
So, people are writing to me.
Like they want to try to be obedient.
This has never happened in my life, so I decided to clarify.
What do you want, dear man, explain? I want to say you to be a sexual slave.
Ready to do whatever you say, suffer, suck there, etc.
And then you write that you give suck.
So I write.
No, I haven’t tried it yet, but approximately I knew how to break away, mocking those who enjoy it.
Yes, and I have a great fantasy.
Well, I decided to ask for a photo.
Sent – everything I like: low, not hairy, medium build.
The face of a healthy person, tatus like a convict no.
The usual average guy.
I myself live in Moscow.
So, those in the subway – millions.
I usually don’t look at them, but I definitely know that they are.
Tell me about your sex life, I tell him.
Honestly, I always demand the truth.
Indeed, in our time, you can catch any sore as easily as grab a runny nose or flu.
And why do I need extra problems.
I’m married.
It turned out that he was married.
That she is his only sexual partner.
But the members he imagines in front of his nose almost from adolescence.

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Writes: I looked in my childhood for my parents.
They practiced tying, spanking, rough sex.
My father had a big moto, with which he skillfully controlled the bound mother.
Had it every day in all holes, flogged.
And I looked at it and jerked off.
I have a member of 10 cm and very thin.
I liked to press it between my legs and present myself as a girl, over whom a healthy man sneers.
– that’s what he wrote to me.
Well, as it was after this resist.
And besides, I love to touch the small members.
There is something magnetic about them.
I remember I had a familiar boy, to whom I went for a blowjob with a pussy 11 cm.
It was interesting.
Now I am very sorry that I did not fuck him.
So I decided to meet with this pepper.
I write to him: – I see that you want to be a little bitch.
Well, let’s try.
My conditions are – I will do with you everything I want, and you will do what I demand.
Yes, my master, the answer comes.
Wow, I think.
I became the master.
Five minutes to the slave owner.
I will call you Sos – I continue the game.
– Short for nipples.
Just in case, I decided to warn him that it would be a bit complicated.
I am writing: Sos, we will meet next week in the evening, which means that you will not wash the limits of your fantasies or my dick.
Where will I find you a shower after work.
So, we agreed to meet in my car.
Type not immediately use it as a slave – you just need to look at this miracle.
Sat down
And I am silent.
Right views comedy.
But he lowered his eyes to the floor.
Is sitting.
Submissive type.
And I decided to start right away.
Checking the strength of your desire – I tell him.
“I’ll put a fist with your thumb up on

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your seat.”
And you sit on it.
Immediately, sharply and without lubrication.
If you did not lie that anal in your life was not, then you will be hurt.
I said it, but I myself sit and am satisfied with the impression that I made on the young, in essence, nepuganogo guy.
But this pepper rose, pulled off jeans with shorts and hovered over the chair – the type finger is waiting.
So I put my hand with a raised finger on his seat.
I do not mind.
Sos slowly lowered his ass, fidgeted with his crotch looking for an anus and sat down.
You should have seen his eyes.
They were square.
Just square such masculine eyes. Online video sex chat indian.

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