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She opened her eyes.
Mikhail held her ankles in his palms, spreading her legs as widely as possible, delivered powerful blows to her uterus.
His eyes glowed with a glitter that had never been seen before.

She was very scared, he knows, he knows everything, he will just kill me now, kill with his swotting! Julia closed her eyes.
A member of George slipped inside Yulina holes, smoothly making his way.

The sky, what he had all the same cool member.
Her palm remembered every inch of this amazing male organ! And now the hole got this silk, surprisingly even miracle! Julia opened her eyes.
Michael finished, making muffled sounds.
Sperm spread through Yulina vagina, sinking into every corner of her hole.
What is she a pig, her husband, her man finished, and she admires at this time a strange dick! Fuck, creature, slut! She could not do that, it could not happen to her.
She belongs only to her husband, only to one man.
Only he can touch her, only he can have it! With such not joyful experiences, she finally closed her eyes and fell into a short sleep.
No wonder they say the morning is wiser.
The coming morning, a cup of brewed strong coffee, gave the head clarity.

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The husband ran off to work, the son rushed off to the technical school, and she was left to himself.
Julia sat in front of the window, watching the first snow conquer its territory.
Snowflakes worn across the sky, but in the end, fell to the ground.
Something similar was happening inside the woman.
Thoughts ran in her head, falling and rising again.
She herself had already rushed up several times, and when she saw where she had flown, she folded her wings and fell like a stone to the bottom of her consciousness.
She was ashamed of what she saw in height.
The consciousness that has developed over the years of life did not accept joy, it screamed — you are dirty! Julia closed her eyes: three dazzling flashes, three crushing orgasms, three fat crosses on her life, or three starting points of her

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new life? The woman took a sip of coffee, sighed, resting her head on her fists.
With her husband, Mikhail, they have been married for almost 19 years.
Son was 18 years old.
Julia was happy with life.
She had everything she dreamed about as a girl.
She perfectly remembered how youthful dreams painted a picture of happiness: home, husband, children, a long and happy family life.
Everything was at the beginning.
It was, Julia smiled bitterly, a pity in the youthful dreams do not fall internal moaning about the come bytovuhe.
And bytovuha, after so many years together, was in everything – in relationships, in everyday life, in life and most importantly in sex.
The husband seemed to fulfill his duties, but this was not enough.
She no longer remembered when it began, the body began to demand satisfaction. People having sex live phpbb limited.

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