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Ritella bongacam.
Here Gvidonka them playfully: -Is it really a wonder wonder? Miracles are miraculous, And seemingly more interesting.
Badger had all seen, shook their heads, And while it looked, Then the boyars arrived, They discussed all the mermaids And who as many threw sticks, And finally reached Ko Gvidonke to the palace.
There the prince meets them, Majestic speaks, Wind curls inflates, The guests all okhuyayut: -No damn to myself a peacock, I can see right away – my lord! And Gvidonka: – Yes, friends! But only I rule here! Gus-Tsarevich – then my husband, Only to reign, he is not a dozen, Everything used to show off, Where is the power to be controlled? But as a husband is quite good, And with him, look, come in handy, And his end is mighty.

And where is my father?

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Then dad comes to them, The brothers have ebalo driving, With a fright okhuyli, Brother younger saw.
And Saltanka numb, A little ass on the ass did not sit down.
– You?!!! – As you can see – I’m alive! I myself stand before you, admire me! And Gvidonka is your daughter! Here Saltanka could not resist And burst into tears of happiness: – I buried you a long time, Life without you was not sweet, That it should burst, that mudil, That the letter changed for me! Think of it, hubby, Who could set you up? The brothers at the moment realized that they were not executed in the same place, We must quickly confess, And roll at their feet.
Immediately they fell on their feet, they confessed Pred Saltank, Prev niece and brother: -Well forgive, foe! They were forgiven for joy, But all the pussies rolled up, kicked off with Boots, Out of sight, and then drove away.

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After the feast they began, The people got greedy in the rags, They were having fun till the fall – After all, the family was united! So they lived for a long time And they were satisfied with their fate, And, of course, I was there, I smoked with them, I learned the whole story, I told you about it.
1One my dear friend, Known to have lied a lot, In a male company drunk I told this parable.
I wrote it down drunk, Though the pen jumped between the lines (And what would you, the reader could, When would such a drunk stuff!).
And so, with a hangover gone, I read a parable for you.
2 Sanya was an ordinary student; I saw a lot of them.
Ritella bongacam.

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