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Diman leaned over to his wife, and they together began to kiss.
Accompanied by lush sounds, the process lasted for half a minute.
In the final, Diman regretfully turned away from Irina, it seemed they could continue the entertainment for a long time.

Yulok hesitated, letting Irina breathe.
I appreciated the graceful fit of the test object — the chiseled legs in stockings are tightly compressed, the arms behind, the back of the arch, the chest rises high, showing the condition of its mistress, full lips appealingly open.
At the command of the leader, I fell to these waiting lips, our tongues tightly clasped and spun in a round dance.
Irina kissed passionately, her excitement gushing off over the edge, tearing off the roof like a tornado.
In order not to pounce on her right now I made an effort and pulled away from those coveted lips.
We stayed with Dima from her, and the presenter asked about the result of the dispute.
– Boys, I got you through.
The first was my husband – taking off the blindfold was pleased with this sexy lady. See live sex video.

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