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The back of his head was really hot from his breath.
I finished, very violently, and after that I finished Bald, without saying a word, pulled the member out, put my hair on the floor, turned it to my face and began to stroke the member from which I was splashing.
Then he wiped it on my hair and walked away, breathing hard – it worked fuck.

I was breathing just as noisy.
Two others surrounded me from both sides, their members were pointed precisely at me.
You will suck both of us together.
Guys, give a break! – I begged.
– Give a cigarette, eh? I was not given a cigarette, but I still received half a minute of rest, they could not wait any longer.
I was again ordered to sit on the bottle and jump on it (the show must go on), and at the same time suck two of them.
I was afraid that I would have problems with two at once, because well, it’s still inconvenient to suck two members at once, although this is very spectacular; there is no such scope of action, they are randomly pounded in the mouth, asynchronously, they interfere with each other, no rhythm, zero consistency, plus both of them for the third time already, and even then this bottle periodically reminds of itself with sweet spasms – but I managed to cope quite Apparently, the previous show quickly warmed them up, besides, I helped myself with my hands, they didn’t mind the hands.
Suck, suck, blab.
Suck, blab, – every now and then gladly repeated the third, nameless sex hero.
The sound of this phrase obviously caressed his ear.
My, frankly, too.
Bes sometimes took a dick out of my mouth to slap on my cheeks and nose, he had a rather weighty dick – Cool sucking, goat! Well, about five

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years ago I would probably still consider it a compliment.

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Both finished, by the already established good tradition, on my face, first one, then the other, with which I had to tinker a few minutes longer.
shorter, like tap water.
Well, it does not happen that the fifth time, but the streams are still so stormy! I have never met such giants, but my experience, without false modesty, is already rich.
I understand, there are probably some laws of the genre, but it is impossible to exaggerate so brazenly), but it all flowed into my eyes, mixed with mascara, my eyes were tingling, I tried to wipe myself, but on the face it was a mess, it just got worse.
All the same, and on the chin flowed, drained to the chest.
And here, as soon as I had time to sigh with my free mouth, both of them take the members in their hands and begin to write at me.
I think they agreed in advance.
This is what I do not like, never loved, but what could I do now? I was just trying to dodge, but their urine still caught up with me.
There were a lot of liquids in them after drinking beer, the pressure was strong – their jets slashed over my body and face, like a hydromassage shower, like thin rods.
And they threatened me to keep my mouth open and swallow what got there, such is urinotherapy.
In such situations, it is not enough for peasants to simply rape a girl, no, very often after that they want to humiliate her as much as possible.
Convince themselves that she was already a complete fucking anyway, that she was already such before rape, and therefore what they did to her was right.
(In the case of me, this was not such a big mistake.
– SMILEK) By the way, Bald did not join them, smoked at the door.
Although it looked, but without enthusiasm, it seemed to me.
During my life I no longer feared, so I suffered this.
Now I sat in front of them, all wet, on this bottle, on which I had long ceased to jump, and they also did not resemble, it was clear that I had already been fed up with everything and I was already beginning to bore them, they just did not know what to do next, they only know that it is time to finish, they are already tired, they are already dropping to sleep. Sex caught on webcam.

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