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He fucks me in the mouth.
I closed my eyes, I focused on the sensations of my mouth, lips.
Damn physiology! Deep thrusts are pleasant to me most of all.

But contrary to my desires, time after time the larynx shudders in gagging, I am afraid to throw up.
He is sensitive.
He takes out a cock and jerks off.
His breathing is close to orgasm.
I bend down, trying to catch the head sliding out of my fist with my lips, so as not to miss a single drop.
He: “- Wait, do not hurry!” Here he is, momentary welcome! His mouth shudders, expires dick.
To insulting a little, half a mouthful.
I suck, suck up a drop.
He: “- What to do to make you cum?” How grateful I am to him for these words! “- Fuck me!” His dick already drooped.
I’m waiting.
I have no strength to wait.
I take a dick in my mouth.
And he gets up! Quickly put on the gum (while holding).
Quickly smear ass Vaseline (to make it easier for him to enter).
He fucks me again.
My dick is worth it, it hurts.
We turn on its side.
He fucks me, and I masturbate.
I finish, groaning, splashing the bed.
Rest a bit, take a breath.
Again on the stomach.
It accelerates.
Damn physiology! “The beer has come to an end.”

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I’m about to piss.
I tell him.
He: “- You can not be patient? I’m on acceleration.”
“-Sorry, I can not.
I quickly”.
I am lying on my stomach, smiling.
Dick slides on Vaseline almost insensitive, but in the end each push with a sharp injection presses on something inside the abdomen.
It was not necessary to drink so much beer.
He seems to feel: “- You do not hurt?” “-No, fuck me, fuck!” “- Nothing if I’m fast?” “-Come on, come on!” It turns out like this – when you yourself almost do not feel pleasure, and even a little pain.
And you endure, to make him pleased, you lie and pretend not to upset him.
Because he was sensitive and attentive to you.
Because he did you well

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I did not understand this before.
He feels me.
He decides not to continue.
Takes out, lie down on the back next.
He jerks himself off with his right hand and with his left – me.
I: “-Don’t worry about me, I finished well, I already got everything.”
But do not bother him – if he wants so.
He ends and laughs: “You were right, I used to be.”
Farewell a little crumpled.
Already after midnight, he is in a hurry.
I: “- Come back – call!” Did my expectations come true? On the one hand – damn physiology! Our mouth and ass aren’t meant for fucking.
But pain is only seasoning.
And dick suck, so that is not sick, I still learn.
I got almost all the fun I wanted: dick in my mouth and in the ass.
And he finished in full growth.
And received from all this emotional pleasure.
And softness, and courtesy, and sensitivity.
Do I feel any changes in myself? Not.
Women did not become less attractive to me.
Men for me did not become more attractive. Sex sister camera.

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