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A few minutes later, when the girls were finished, I hugged and reassured Pasha, gently kissing his cheeks and stroking his ass.
Then he took the twins to the bathroom, thoroughly washed the priests with antibacterial soap and smeared them with a special ointment – so that the buttocks healed faster.
Then we returned to the room and all three of us went to bed in front of the TV – while my educated people relied on the sofa mainly with their loins and their legs on the ottoman and coffee table (so that their asses were hanging in the air, this technique was worked out for a long time , we were often so relaxed).

Pashka settled down between my legs, Dasha lay down next to me – and I gently stroked, caressed both children, spoke tender words to them, made compliments.

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Such “post-flawed” caresses gave me, probably, no less pleasure than punishment and sex – it seemed that at these moments of final reconciliation some special emotional closeness was established between me and the children.
However, this time our idyll was suddenly suddenly broken by Slavka.
-So, well, I decided shorter! – standing between us and the TV, she said firmly.
-What have you decided? – I did not understand.
– I need money! – the girl blurted out no less decisively, and, sticking out her lower lip, blew off from her forehead a disobedient curl that fell into her eyes.
-So what? – I looked at my daughter with interest.
Now she was dressed in slippers, sporty panties and a nondescript topic, but despite this, she looked no less sexy than she was wearing stilettos and a mini skirt.

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Mira was without a bra, and I noticed that her nipples are perched.
– And then! You pore me now, and you don’t fine me for four thousand.
– Slavka was noticeably nervous, it was evident that this decision was not easy for her.
– Only slightly decide, and then I meet with Zhenya! -Yeah, “not much”! – Pavlik again outraged.
– Smarter like that! – Dasha supported him.
– We are strong, but it is not much! -So, you generally shut up, fry! – Slavka, half jokingly, half-seriously pushed them.
-What?! We are a small fry ?! -Awesome at all ?! – smiling, twins even raised themselves on their elbows with indignation.
-Let’s show her who is the small fry, or else she became a disputable! – suggested Pavlik Dasha.
-Come on!) A second later, the twins jumped up from the sofa and attacked Miroslav, and that, squealing and fighting off, was covered by their hands.

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