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Fifteen minutes later, when the third bottle was brought to the boy, the urge to write was already so strong that Kolya could hardly bear it.
Fifteen more minutes passed.
Well? – looked at Kolya Alena inquiringly, – Will you drink milk or give up? Kohl nodded silently and the nurse immediately shoved a baby bottle in his mouth.

This time the boy drank very slowly.
Milk simply did not climb into it, but worst of all was the painfully sharp urge to write, which Kohl almost could not tolerate.
Do you want a little? – Alyona smiled knowingly. – It is necessary to suffer another 15 minutes.
Otherwise you have to start all over again.
Kohl looked around.
Judging by the tense faces of the boys in the adjacent beds, they also struggled with the urge to write. Sexi video live.

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