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Freed from the last detail of the toilet, she turned and walked slowly toward the water.
Sometimes she looked around, it was not sisterly desires that flashed in her eyes, but I tried to sit with an imperturbable face, although it was not at all easy: her movements with her hips fascinated, and what sometimes flashed between them could bring the dead back to life.
“Look, don’t dive in your shoes, stupid,” I said for some reason in a hoarse voice, holding my reared flesh in my hands: she was already cramped in shorts.

Roxana shrugged her shoulders and, without stopping, took off the sabot along the road, went to the pool and knelt down.
Then she stooped and touched the water.
– Water is a class! – She said, and put on a swim cap lying right there at the edge of the pool.
Two atoms of hydrogen, one atom of oxygen.
The body, immersed in the water, sticks to freedom, with the force of the protruded water, the body, injected into the body.
“I tried my best to distract myself from the sight of the girlish charms that my own sister had so shamefully put on display.
She was kneeling on the edge of the pool, stooping low over the edge of the water, her nature revealed, and was so tender, so alluring.
A loud surge brought me to reality: Roxana straightened and jumped into the blue surface of the pool.
I tried not to look in her direction and drew myself on the whiskey, splashing it out of the bottle.
When I caught a glimpse of the water, I saw Roxana’s bare ass, which all the time flashed on the surface during the next dive under water.
Having bathed, she climbed out of the pool, and, grabbing a large double “American flag”, moved in my direction.
“Wipe my back,” she said, and handed me a towel, turning her ass to me.
I began to gently wipe her dark body, noting to myself that she was tanning, apparently without any clothes: her tan evenly covered her slender hips even in the places where they usually remained white.

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I tried to sidestep the “border zones”, but my sister did not seem to like it at all.
“More boldly, Arthur, something does not look like you,” Roxana said, stooping, and spread her legs shoulder-width apart.
– Come on, Roxy, you’re my sister.
Do not bring it to sin – I still soaked the inner side of her spread thighs with a towel, and did not dare to touch the most intimate, – let’s go further on myself! – Well, so what, sister! – Roxana said, turning her face to me, – didn’t you do it a thousand times when I was little? – The fact of the matter is that you were small, – I began, but she interrupted me: – And what: has something changed now? – she unceremoniously parted her lips right in front of my nose, and mockingly asked, – look! What’s wrong?! – Stop it, Roxy, you’re drunk! What are you doing up to ?! – I did not know where to put your eyes from this shameless spectacle.
“You made me that way,” she said wearily and moved to her place, wiping herself along the way.
She took off her hat and casually threw it in the direction of the pool.
Her luxurious hair sprawled in waves over her shoulders, and she shook her head several times.
Taking a long sip from a glass of whiskey, she sat down in a chaise longue in the same position, having thrown one leg on the armrest: only now there was nothing on it.
I stared blankly at her smoothly shaved crotch, and with anguish I thought that my “mantra about water and its properties” did not advance me much towards my intended goal: a member stood with a stake, and his head was already noticeably out of shorts.
– So, about the hammer of Thor, – Roxana nodded in my direction, continuing the conversation started, – you can take off your shorts and not suffer.
I see you are not comfortable.
And I, at the same time, will remember how a real member should look.
“You didn’t see,” I said, still not daring to strip completely: I was not ready, despite my sister’s suggestion, to move to this level of relationship, “to me, too, dear girl!” “I’m telling you that you changed my whole life then,” Roxana re-engaged her pussy, and now I could clearly see what obscenities she was doing there.
– I’ve been looking all my life.
Only Thor’s hammer.
I saw him in action, and dreamed only of him.
Since then, for me another dick simply did not exist.
– What? – I cried.
Roxana never expressed obscenities in my presence,

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and I was completely stunned by her words.
What can not be said about my penis – the obscenity that my sister blurted out, as if it gave him a new impulse: my body became even bigger, and it already hurt me to keep him in clothes.
– Where I just did not look for him! – Roxana continued, “not noticing” my outrage. Sexy on live.

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