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Her body felt the need is not in such a way to satisfy this hunger.
(Especially for -) It wanted to directly feel the seed in its womb.
This itch drove the queen crazy.

Her fingers scraped her clit and wax, but that didn’t satisfy her.
The woman gradually began to hurt herself with these actions, rubbing the clitoris stronger and stronger.
The itch in the uterus just drove her crazy, depriving her of related thoughts, but now she found a small panacea – the monster’s seed.
The queen sucked his sperm down to the last drop, and when his bags were empty, she finally broke away.
Breathing heavily, the woman licked her lips.
Her eyes were fixed in space, and the forces left her.
She put her hands on the calmed stomach and fell to the ground.
The monster crouched beside her, looking with a malevolent smile.
– Well, that enjoyed my seed, bitch?

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I see that yes.
I’m sure your hubby-king has never seen you like this.
Naked, with disheveled hair, with red cheeks and sperm around the mouth.
Now you look like a good female! The queen only breathed in silence, trying to even out lagging breath.
– Answer me, whore, did you like the taste of my sperm? – He strongly squeezed her chin, forcing him to look at him, but the woman could not understand what he was demanding from her.
– Answer, or soon you will not get it anymore, and thirst will return quickly and with a vengeance.
The threat acted instantly.
The woman did not want to experience this burning pain any longer and she was ready for this to do anything.
– Y-yes.
– Incorrect answer! “Y-yes, master, I really liked your seed.”
– the queen whispered meekly, and the warrior smiled victoriously, rejoicing at how he broke one of the proudest women of this world, turning her into an obedient female.

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So they should have been, but their men are too weak and allowed women and allowed women to sit on their necks.
But now King Deikon and their race will return everything to the correct position, and every woman will become a good female, serving his master.
Did the proud queen ever think that she would fall so low? Is she presenting what will become not just a whore, but an ordinary female, which is used for breeding? Tears came down from the corner of her eyes, but she knew that the most difficult thing was yet to come, because she must soon appear before her husband.
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