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We drank tea quickly and went to my room.
In the room we, or rather me, were in for a surprise in the form of the Slavina Olympiika, thrown on the bed and a large sports bag with things by the bed.
“And the peasant is probably not a tea with a cake, he drove by for a drink,” commented Verka immediately emboldened.

– Do you think he will live with us? – Well, I don’t know, I’ll probably stay for this night, otherwise he would have to carry a bag here for a fig? – reasonably noticed a friend.
– And his wife, by the way, is so-so, all black, like a Tatar.
In his Novgorod, he could have found something more decently, with his appearance.
And the daughter is pretty, looks like him, just a stupid name.
– That’s for sure.
Is he on vacation here for what? At this point, the grandmother came.
– Alain, you really do not be offended, I have determined the Glory while in your room.
I curled my lips: – I see.
And for how long is happiness for me? – Do not speak maliciously.
The man came to work, not to walk.
On advanced training, learn.
He and the writing table will be needed, and rest easy, so that no one jerked.
Three weeks tolerate.
If you want to sleep in the hall, you want to lie down in the same room with me.
– Fine! – I was indignant.
– And he can not sleep in the hall, your business trip ??? – Can not! And stop making trouble! While the holidays you still disappear all day on the street, but bathe in the careers, just go home to sleep.

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You will survive! Verka, feeling that the atmosphere is heating up, hurried home.
I went to see her off, in the Hall of Fame I was watching TV.
An hour later, the grandmother was washing dishes in the kitchen, Slava went to her (my!) Room, from which I defiantly dragged my Barbie doll and a huge box of clothes for her.
It was our favorite occupation with Vera – playing dolls, inventing our lives for them and putting on beautiful dresses made from old grandmothers.
During the demarche Slava read some magazine lying on my bed.
At the same time he looked at me and said: – Sorry, this is Aunt Olya insisted, I do not care where to sleep.
But you know, it does not convince.
I will spend all day at work, so you can take nothing.
“Okay,” I muttered in embarrassment, “but I still pulled off the dolls.”
We went to bed with my grandmother.
She turned over for a long time, her nephew brought too much new information into our rather closed and well-established life.
In a loud whisper, talking about his wife, who didn’t like her sister – Slava Mom, about the fact that “you feel sorry for the guy,” “hurried to get married,” “but now the child, what’s there,” and again “feel sorry”, he is a clever man, “and has managed him, regretted this girl,” and so on.
The next morning, Slava was no longer there, grandmother, setting breakfast, said that he had almost gone to Moscow to study on the first train.
It was, however, about 25 minutes to go to Kursk.
At breakfast, it turned out that Slava was a doctor, working in Nizhny Novgorod, in the Central Hospital, where he met his wife.
“Is she a doctor too?” – I was surprised.
– Even on the nurse does not pull.
– Yes,

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what a doctor there! – Grandma waved her hand.
– She was treated with him, that zahomutala guy.
– Grandma quickly stopped short.
– Everything, eat, and I’m on social security; today the Council of veterans is gathered there.
Dine and do not forget to swim until blue in the face.
Better 2 times go.
– Good.
In the evening, Slava did not come, but the lady didn’t wait for him, she said – she is on duty at the hospital where she is undergoing a refresher course. Student sex webcam.

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