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I do not want to go anywhere.
I just need money.
– She drunk, swayed and tried to hug me.

– Are you not happy to see me? After all, you once loved me: – Get up, go to the station, – I repeated.
– Hey, young.
The lady does not want to go, – a voice came from my side.
I turned and looked at the companions companions.
I took a couple of steps forward, in case there would be a fight, so that my legs did not slide over the mud.
The peasants correctly understood me and quickly parted.
Left alone, the most daring toli – the most stupid toli.
It was he who got the scoreboard.
The rest, taking with them a bottle and a snack

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, chose to run up.
We traveled to the station on foot so as not to meet with the police.
The road went through the park, then through the wasteland which bordered railway tracks.
Apparently, before my arrival, Tanka was well received “on the chest,” she was getting drunk more and more.
I literally dragged my aunt.
– Dear, wait.
I need to urgently cast.
After all, you do not want your aunt pissing.
I let the woman out of my hands.
She walked unsteadily to the tree, holding the knot with one hand, the second began to dig under the skirt.
One hand undress turned out badly, Tatiana began to work with two.
Then she lost her balance and plopped on the ass.

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– Help me, dear.
I picked up my aunt and held her by the collar while she groped for gum.
– Damn.
I pissed in panties.
Just like then? Do you remember how I did not run to the toilet? My fellows and I almost burst out laughing when I told them.
But then you almost did not fuck me, right in the corridor: Finally, the pants were defeated.
A powerful horse jet with a hiss escaped from a fat ass.
I put my foot aside so as not to flood my shoes.
People passed by in the park, but Tatiana didn’t care.
My aunt wiped her crotch with her hand, then wiped her hand on her raincoat.
She pulled on raw panties and continued on to the station.
Conductor for a long time did not want to let the drunk.
She softened only after fifty dollars, sunk into his pocket.
Then Tanka began to refuse to go.
I had the same conductor to buy a quarter of vodka and pour it into a relative.
She was completely drunk, with blank eyes, she looked at me, then collapsed on the mattress and fell asleep.
Struggling with fastidiousness, I tucked the passport with the remnants of money under the bra on the sticky chest so as not to lose it and quickly left the carriage.
My soul was the most filthy feeling that I experienced in life.
I used to wash my hands for a long time in the train yard.
I began to pursue the smell of urine, but not the one that squished under my feet on the crap floor, but some other sticky and enveloping one.
Having found a piece of laundry soap, I once again washed my hands, wiped my jacket, wherever Tanka touched her.
Without feeling the cleansing, I headed home.
The weather was in tune with the mood; moisture was oozing from the sky, slimy leaves were spreading under my feet.
Anxious pedestrians fled along the wet sidewalks, the buses indifferently carried the weary hard workers to their homes.
– Vyacheslav! Slavka! – someone’s voice called me.
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