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And she chose companies that did not differ by the highest salaries.
It was not about money, although she liked the idea of ??independent financial independence.
She was called to an interview for just one company, from those to which she sent her resume.

The evening before, thinking about how to dress for an interview, Larisa unexpectedly experienced intense excitement and was very worried about the outcome of the interview, a couple of days ago, which seemed like entertainment.
The dress picked up very carefully.
I decided to stay on a summer white suit with a skirt just below the knee, a colored translucent top under a jacket and elegant sandals on a high stiletto.
After much thought, I chose bodysuit stockings.
She was taken to work quickly.
The head of the department (she herself dubbed him a “vegetable” right away) looked more at her figure than in the resume.
I asked a couple of on-duty questions about experience, skills and the desire to learn, immediately lost interest in her, reassigning her further employment to her deputy — a young tall guy named Alexander. Sword art online sex manga.

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