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It was evident that it starts from something.
“In the 8th ???!”, The sergeant was surprised, but then he kept a subordination, “I obey!” They led me to one of the cameras with my hands behind my back, after which this bitch looked into the peephole and, with a malicious sly smile, said.
“I hope, you like it!” I was pushed into a cell with my hands shackled behind my back, and I saw three half-naked muscular men with tattoos sitting in the cell.

Then the peephole opened and I heard again its audacious, impudent voice flying towards the camera.
“Whatever, after five, he has already started talking!” “Free, Sergeant!”, I heard through the door a voice that bitches.
There was a dark silence in the cell.
“Well, what, will you bend yourself or will you bend?”, Said one of the prisoners.
“Hey, cock, go here !!! Do not hear what the older one said ??? ???!”, Said the other in the same voice as Viktor Poluyan.
“I’ll leave it off.
“said the first, starting to approach me.
“No !!!! Just not this !!!! Let me out !!!” “Shut up bitch !!!!”, said the first one, grabbing my neck and bending strongly down, then turned me face to the door of the camera, apparently, so that this bitch would enjoy the spectacle.
Then they just ripped off my pants and pants and I felt a wild pain in my once virginal anus so much that I screamed.
“Oooh, fucking.
he already squeals like a girl.
nothing sweetie
“, he said, continuing to hammer my ass, making me a girl,” you and I will succeed in everything small !! “And this bitch stood and looked at it all through the peephole and, as I later learned, masturbated at that time.

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I was far from being the first to whom this maniac had been let down in this isolation cell and, thus, was knocking out confessions.
And each time, looking into the peephole, she wildly masturbates on how to rape the next kid in front of her.
Sometimes she records this spectacle on video and sells for huge money to the West.
They let me down with the whole camera in turn, after which the door opened and she entered.
“Well, what are the boys? Like our girl?! M?”, She said, seeing how I was standing in front of her with bare ass, with my hands tied behind my back and my face buried in the floor.
He jumped sharply to her legs and started kissing her legs and begging, quickly changing her right but left foot.
“please !!! Get me out of here !!! I confess everything !!! Everything !!!” “Excellent,” she said in a completely contented voice, “Sergeant!

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Get him out of here!” When I was just being raped and beaten out of the cell, I heard her say.
“Well done boys!” Expelled and lowered in all senses, with tears in my eyes, I actively wrote confessions with shaking hands, if only this did not happen again, and this bitch looked at me completely satisfied and moved her hand a little under the table.
She was pleased with herself and the fact that a girl was made of me only added to her another victory in life, about which you can then tell your boyfriend in bed.
The slave woman began to tremble either from fear or from panic.
She bit her lip and quite obviously would have cried if she could open her eyes and let out tears, but still nobody would have seen under the mask tightly attached to her face.
She lost her orientation, lack of hearing, sight and tactile information plunged into shock and the desire to feel at least something.
Her hands were firmly fixed behind, but no one held her on her knees, physically she could afford to get up, run and ask for help.
But the realization that she had no right to move and, with possible disobedience, the punishment would be more serious than her current situation, made her endure and pray that they would soon let her return to the world. Sword art online sex pics.

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