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It was a payment for my future defilement, for the fact that I was now lowered into fagots.
I crawled to meet them, and the nacreous air thickened, with each movement it became more and more viscous until it turned into a solid mass, after which the Lady, both males and the whole room, disappeared.
Everything became dull-white, terrifically shrill, then the space was punched by a myriad of emerald sparks.

Somewhere I have already seen.
And everything was plunged into darkness and silence.
I lay in the dark on something soft.
Time went by.
Shock also passed through the brain, like lazy insects, crawling through some incoherent thoughts and abstract images.
Finally I began to distinguish the situation.
It turned out that I was lying on a bed in an unfamiliar room, like a hospital ward, a tripod with a dropper hung over me, and some medical devices quietly clicked on the table next to me.
Soon a face appeared over me.
The pretty young nurse, noticing that I was awake, smiled affably: How do you feel ?. Teen couple sex on cam.

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