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And when Andrew came up and inserted his piece into my mouth, I began to suck.
And he said “you are better than any whore” and then I had a very strong orgasm from these words of his.
So strong that she swallowed his head, and Nikita, on the contrary, came out of me and hit between the legs.

After that, I no longer resisted and helped the guys to do different things with me.
I especially liked it when Nikita and Volodya were there at the same time.

That was my idea.
And it was super !!! Then they were in me three.
And I screamed at the whole house, because I didn’t even know that you could do it in the ass too.
When they pounded me with all the power in the ass, I groaned the girl and mouth and I wanted to shout “I’m a whore and I want three members !!!”.
I had a lot of orgasms that night, but this one is the strongest.
At graduation the boys were very caring to me and did not tell anyone about it.
I still remained a good decent girl and neither my mother nor her friends know.
That’s just told you.

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And I don’t know what to do now, because I so want to have me brazenly again, undressing and raping several guys at once.

We were returning from the beach when the sun was already scorching.
I and Artyom occasionally looked at each other, but he hastily turned away.
And although he did not spread with me after the morning event and a couple of phrases, I saw that as we approached the room, his eyes grew more and more, more and more there was some kind of strange call, desire.
And I could still see more clearly the bulging contour of the penis – even wide beach shorts that were worn over swimming trunks could not hide the growing excitement.
We began to disassemble beach accessories.
Artem, apparently, was extremely embarrassed by his erection, because he did not take off his shorts or even correct them so that the riser was not noticeable.
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