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What a surprise! – laughed one of the moms.
Wow let the fountain! – smiled the second.
Forced to listen to oohs and ahs of mums standing next to him, Kohl did not know where to go from embarrassment.

And the nurse did a good job, did not lose her, – said Aleshina’s mother, – Immediately put a gauze under the boy’s ass.
When you wash the boy, you should always keep gauze at the ready, ”Masha explained.
Even so big? – one of the moms smiled, – My last time was doing something similar at the age of two.
When Kolya was quite a kid, he very often let out fountains during washing, – Olga remembered, – But now I absolutely did not expect this from him.
As you can see, even with older children it happens, – Masha smiled, shaking her pussy with Kolina on gauze for the last drop. Teen sex tube webcam.

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