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Before her, on the ruins, sat not a tall, gray-haired, grandfather, dressed in one rag.
There was no threat from him, but he didn’t inspire much confidence.
– Why are you so sure??? Druna asked, covering herself with her clothes.

– Well, you know, over time you begin to understand a lot.
– Okay, let’s go, I’ll show you a short way to the urban sector.
Dedok, jumped off the ruins and headed along the ravines.
– Do you live in this sector ??? as quickly as possible the girl put on things.
– No what are you !!! i come from far away.
– I do not like to stay long in one place.
– Don’t you know why they closed this sector ??? Druna made her way through the rubble of rubble and rubbish after the old man, trying not to fall behind, but the old man was not as old and snappy as he was.
– Well, why do not I know.
– I know of course.
– Mutants from the underground city, found a passage to the surface in this sector.
– Here is a patrol, and combing the territory.
Druna followed her grandfather, considering the ruins because it is unknown how many mutants climbed to the surface and the farther they left, the more terrible it became.
– Well, almost reached.
Dedoku said and slipped into the dark doorway – Hey, wait !!! shouted the girl and climbed in the same doorway for her grandfather.
As it turned out, in the opening began the staircase leading deep down.
Dedok took out a sharp piece of metal from his bosom, resembling a knife, poking his march in the side.
– After you sweetie.
Pointing Drune on the stairs.
– Hey, you can’t be careful !!! The girl went down the stairs, guided by the old man’s sharp knife and looking around.
– I hope there is not dangerous !.
Dunah thought, but the hocks were already shaking.

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Five minutes a girl and grandfather spent descending the stairs and after going a dozen turns and corridors, they came out to a wide river that curved off into the darkness of the tunnel.
– Why did we come here ??? – What do you want from me??? Drana panicked from the hopelessness.
– Now you need to swim along the river into the tunnel and there you will meet someone !!! With innocence, the old man replied, continuing to poke the girl with his homemade knife in the side.
– Are you crazy or something ??? – Who can wait for me there? – Sorry, darling, but you have to swim.

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by the way, you’ll have to take off your clothes because it’s easier to swim, isn’t it.”
– In addition, the water is very warm.
– And if I tell you to go to hell.
– I will be very saddened by your refusal.
“And I will be forced to allow my many friends living here to enjoy your body.”
– So in your interest to swim.
The grandfather said and Druna noticed a numerous movement in the shadows.
And the lascivious old man began to unbutton his pants on the march.
– Take your filthy hands screamed girl.
And she began to take off her pants.
Dedok sat down on a rusty piece of pipe and smiled humbly, looking at how the girl slowly but surely got rid of her things.
At the peak of excitement, the old man groaned when Druna took off his T-shirt, turned his snow-white ass to him and began to take off his shoes.
Druna entered the water.
The old man was right the water is very warm and pleasant, although it was very muddy.
Taking a step girl immediately plunged to the waist the water.
– Yes, by the way, I forgot to say, it’s better not to linger here for a long time in the water full of dangers.
– What you said??? – I say that the mutants living here are very excitable.
– And always hungry, so do not linger, and swim !!! Druna was terrified and swam that there are forces.
On the one hand, this nutty dyadok and mutants on the shore with another mutants in the water.
The alignment was bad, but it’s better to drown in the river than to be raped by mutants.
While the girl was swimming she heard the accompanying cries of mutants on the shore.
Understanding that getting on shore is equivalent to death.
What distance the march swam, she did not know, but rested against a metal wall.
Druna noticed that light emitted from the wall under the water.
And diving about the girl sailed through a small tunnel which brought her to the surface on the other side of the wall.
On the shore, it was not a weak surprise.
Oh my God!!! thought Druna and was horrified. Video sex indonesia live.

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