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Watch masters of sex online season 2. And he likes it better here, ”Natasha laughed.“ She likes to hold demonstrations.
Now I’ll wipe the toddler’s ass, ”the nurse said,“ I’ll not wash the front, because he didn’t sprinkle anything. ”
It is enough just to wipe the pisyunchik.
Like this.

Natasha wiped her baby’s little pussy with a wet napkin and took up Kolina’s booty.
Wipe cleanly between the buttocks, – she said gently, – And this little hole too.
The nurse changed the napkin and wiped Kohl between the buttocks again.
After that, the nurse took a bottle of baby oil in her hands and began to pour Kohl between them between her legs.
“Everyone who pisses into their trousers is surely smeared with baby oil between the legs,” Natasha explained tenderly to Kohl, unbearably ticklingly smearing the oil between the legs of the boy— “To avoid diaper rash. Watch masters of sex online season 2.

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