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And the pain gradually passed.
Once again, having licked her husband’s dick, Olya suggested: “Sasha, go into me.”
Sasha stuck his legs down, attached himself and put his penis into his wife’s vagina.

Marat, having waited for this to happen, continued his occupation.
It was an indescribable sensation, the only ones hesitated, picking up the rhythm and amplitude of movements, but quickly got comfortable and in a short period the trio began to shout with shouts.
Marat from tight ass, Olga from two members in herself, Sasha from friction through the back wall of the vagina with a member of Marat.
Olga, when both members left

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her, fell on the bed.
Sasha lay beside her and stroked her.
Marat went to the bathroom.
After a while, Sasha heard some other voices in the hallway, picked it up and went out there.
In the hallway, there were already about five guys who passed through the front door, greeting the naked Marat.
Sasha tried to figure out what was happening, but received a strong blow to the jaw and fell unconscious.
When he awoke, Sasha rubbed his buzzing head and heard his wife screaming from the bedroom.
Staggering, he walked to the bedroom door.
Screams were screams of voluptuousness and orgasm.
Olga was sitting on one of the guys lying on the bed, the second was fucking her in the ass, the third she was sucking dick.
Two more sat on the sides, and Olga jerked off their limbs with their hands.
Marat sat in the chair and sipped champagne.
The one who had Olga in the ass with a roar finished and fell off, and the one sitting on the left entered the ass and proceeded to act with a new force.
He began to finish having Olga in her mouth, Olga swallowed and swallowed, but there was too much sperm.

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At this moment, the guys noticed Sasha, and those who were free from fascinating lessons approached him: “Will you join?”, One of them asked with a grin on his face.
“You bastards:
“They did not give him an agreement.”
Again, a blow to the face and a flurry of kicks, after they knocked him to the floor.
Sasha woke up already in the morning, his head was lying on his wife’s lap, which was all covered with hickeys, bruised tweaks, and sperm flowed from the vagina to the floor, her hair and face were also filled with sperm, but her eyes: Olga’s eyes glowed with genuine joy, peace and happiness
“Sash,” said Olga, “maybe you just had to agree with them? They are so glorious!” (To be continued)
The dinner was completely different from what Julia expected.
Well, firstly, all the guests were dressed and behaved decently.
No one pawed her and asked to do something extraordinary.
The woman simply stood aside and watched, trying to figure out what kind of relationship the members of two families gathered around the table.
But she could not figure it out.
The guests simply drank (moderately) ate and chatted about any nonsense.
They served 2 people.
A waiter in a white shirtfront with a black bow tie, who called himself Arkady.
Julia admired his pumped body and impressive (even in a calm state!) Size of dignity.
The waitress was the same age as Yulina and also looked just amazing.
After dinner, everyone, with the exception of Sveta, expressed a desire to go to the sea for a couple of hours.
Lana, apparently, also liked the waiter, as she without unnecessary words stole him after the meal in her room.
The remaining servants were ordered to remove everything and wait for the owners to return.
Apparently, the men had some plans for them.
The girls coped with the work quickly, after which they sat down on the sofa in the living room and started a conversation.
Julia was very interested in the question of how people find themselves here as servants, and gradually she turned the conversation in this direction.
All because she worked as a teacher of Russian language and literature in a regular secondary school.
The school is ordinary, but Maria Petrovna is not an ordinary teacher, but very, very good.
So good that in that year she was recognized as the teacher of the year in her region.
For this, she received from the local authorities not only a good (if compared with the teacher’s salary) award, but also a ticket to one of the best local sanatoriums.
Masha was not married, and she lived alone in a good three-room apartment. Webcam blonde sex.

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