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And they both screamed.
I got up and went to wash.
When I left, we lastly drank coffee and my grandfather gave me a number of his phone.

But I did not call him and I do not know how he is there, maybe he is still alive.
My son once saw me in the subway.
He hurried somewhere and he did not see me.
But then I realized that chitsto homosexual sex is not for me, I would like that the girl also took part and watched me fuck in the mouth and ass.
And after 4 years such an event will occur, but that’s another story.
It so happened that the first woman who discovered anal sex for me was my own aunt – father’s sister.
About once every three months she had a business trip to our city.
The company paid for her hotel, where we spent hours fulfilling each other’s wild desires.
Tyotin’s wide hips and huge butt from childhood attracted me, and she often caught my eye on her zadik hidden under tight jeans or a long skirt.
I was sixteen, when she, under what pretext I don’t already remember, for the first time called me into my room, locked the door from the inside with a key and frankly admitted that she wanted me to stop having it.
She was wearing stiletto heels, black pantyhose, as well as a homemade mask that completely covered her eyes, which she put on before unzipping my pants, pulled off her panties and began to suck cock

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I was ready to finish, when she suddenly stopped.
“Most of all I like male rudeness, especially with anal sex,” she said.
– Now I will get on all fours and start and start to caress your chest and clitoris, and you will show me what you wanted to create with me all these years.

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Do not be afraid to hurt me, – Vaseline TAM is enough.
I felt a wild excitement, and slapped Aunt Natasha on the bottom with a hefty weight.
– Spank me properly, – I’m a bad girl, she whispered excitedly, – and then fuck my ass.
“Do not order me, bitch,” – I said to myself.
“Do what I say,” I ordered, and supported what I said with heavy slaps on my ass and thighs.
Ass Natasha’s aunt became scarlet.
I roughly took her nipples and pulled her to the wall near the headboard.
She almost fell, unable to restrain her heels.
Aunt began to send to another city.
I got married “according to the calculation” of a girl with an ass, a figure and a name exactly like that of an aunt, but with her such a buzz as with an aunt did not work.
Anal we rarely practiced.
My wife did not get vaginal orgasms, I never dreamed about anal, thinking that only my aunt Natasha is capable of such a thing.
Ending my half exclusively from “Uncle Cooney”.
In general, our sex was monotonous and boring, about which I one day with sadness told Aunt Natasha in a telephone conversation.
– Do not worry, we will soon fix it, she said with the participation and a malicious note in her voice.
Next Saturday I will visit you.
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And indeed, on Saturday, Aunt Natasha visited us.
We had dinner together, drank red Georgian wine and chatted about all kinds of things.
Suddenly the phone rang and the wife went to pick up the phone.
My aunt winked at me and poured some liquid from a small bubble into my wife’s glass, and then said in a quiet voice: “I want to fuck Natasha with you.”
My wife came back, we finished our wine and went over to the sweet.
The face of his wife turned pink from the aunt’s elixir.
Aunt smoothly turned the conversation on the topic “husband-wife.”
Suddenly, she jokingly asked Natasha: “Who called you that? Lover?”.
My wife laughed and answered: “No, Aunt Natasha, Sasha and I are faithful.
“- Do you often give something to your beloved in the ass?” Aunt poured an even more shocking question on her.
Without waiting for an answer, she appealed to both of us: “Well, what are you – do not extinguish, what is this and that? – an interesting topic. Webcam couple chaturbate.

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