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And what songs do the youth sing now? Drank beer, opened the window, smoke.
Wow, it was difficult to imagine a better pastime.
The train arrives in the afternoon, somewhere around the 4th morning they decided to go to bed.

Dressed, took a cigarette, went to smoke.
It smells like 40 minutes, no less.
No, I was not afraid of anything.
If they are not specially trained hackers, they will not do anything with bast.
Yes, and trained need time to download everything.
There is nothing to take from me except a brush, a razor and detectives.
I was calm.
We had time to stop, I bought some kind of jam, another beer.
I went up to the coupe, the door 2 cm ajar: “everything, not locked, I’m ready.”
Getting in.
Oh oh My new girlfriends do not lie on the shelves played out in a fool, but stand, as far as possible in the compartment, with a back to me.
All are wrapped in sheets, and on the heads of a turban-type towel.
Stand, do not budge.
I shut the door.
From the inside.
They still stand.
I’m standing too.
He threw the jar and bottles on the shelf. Webcam model coffi adultchat video.

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