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underwear almost did not hide the details of her body.
She with an effort pulled herself together and began to unbutton Nicholas’s shirt.

She did not expect to see under her a strong muscular body, because Nicholas fairly honestly described himself in their conversations and did not lie a bit.
He was of medium build, easier to say – moderately well-fed.
He had a small tummy, but this Marina was not embarrassed in the least.
He was just a real, not a pumped stallion.
Sliding along the buttons of a shirt, her hands reached his belt: “I myself,” Nikolai said.
He pulled away from Marina and threw off everything, including swimming trunks, and clung to her.
The closeness of the naked body turned Marina to the head, she helped Nicholas to take off the rest of her clothes and lay back on the pillows. Webcam squirt amateur.

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