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Once a week she had to go to the hairdresser to dye her hair and shorten her hair, otherwise she could get someone else’s attention, but it became harder and harder to hide these changes from her mother! Chapter 3 Lynn offers Kat a delicious milkshake! Morning.
Naked on the waist Lynn stood in front of the bathroom mirror.
Her tall, firm breasts looked bigger than usual today.

She rubbed her nipples with her fingers, which quickly stood upright.
Her fingers gently squeezed them, and a thin mist of milk covered the mirror.
She then allowed her fingers to travel to her writing.
She was covered in orange fur.
Looking at herself in the mirror, Lynn felt uneasy.
“Am I turning into a Melmacian? I’ll soon look like Alpha — with his ugly snout and all the rest? Oh God, I need to consult with someone!” She thought.

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“But what a pleasant sensation!” She slowly twisted her nipple between her fingers, feeling her clitoris hardening and oozing her vagina, making her panties soak.
Suddenly, the bathroom door opened (she forgot to lock it!), And Kat appeared on the threshold.
A stunned expression appeared on her face as she gazed at her daughter, who pressed her hands to her large breasts.
– What is it? Lynn, dear, what are you doing? – Mama! N-nothing.
Just rub the skin with lotion.
– Oh my God! You have such big breasts! It seems that yesterday you were quite a baby, and now.
Come on, let me see you properly.
Show me what you have become.
Kat pulled Lynn by the arms and pulled them from her chest.
And for the first time, Kat saw that Lynn’s chest was covered with thin orange hairs! – Oh, baby.

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You have such beautiful breasts, – said Kat and stroked them.
Then she squeezed and patted.
– Such wonderful and soft.
– she stumbled, thinking about something.
Lynn could not help anything, she could not restrain herself and moaned when her mother felt her breasts.
God, she liked being so stroked! And when Kat’s fingers touched one of her nipples, Lynn trembled.
Nipples jumped and stood up.
Kat recoiled in surprise, but then she took both her nipples in her fingers.
Lynn shuddered, and Kat said: – Yes, I also love it when they stroke my nipples! – Oh yes, mom.
I like that a lot, Lnn groaned.
But then Kat turned her gaze to the lower half of her body and saw her orange bush at her daughter’s.
– What.
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