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Despite the fact that the little chest looked like a new sea water did not spare the internal mechanism of the lock and a little pressure with a knife allowed us to open it and look inside.
We found it! – Said John, emerging from the water along with the chest.
“Sally, I’ll get up first and take it from you.”

He took the box from her hands and set it on the floor, then gave her his hand and helped her to get on board.
They once again opened the little chest and looked at each other, there lay the phallus of Queen Shemei, it was for him that they went to the very center of the tropical sea.
Putting the box on the table, they carefully removed the phallus and, putting it on a white cloth, carefully examined it.
The phallus was indeed sixteen centimeters in length and with a diameter of four; at the base it had two testicles and the first four centimeters were smooth.

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Then there was a ring about a centimeter wide with balls along the entire length, the next three centimeters were in the form of an accordion, then there was one more same ring, only with short chopsticks rounded at the ends, each two millimeters long.
After there was another three-centimeter harmonica and closed all this head, like a real male member.
By comparing the discovery with images from a database in a laptop, John and Sally were once again convinced that this is the very phallus of Queen Shemei.
I wonder how she used it without hands. – asked John, and, taking Sallie’s phallus, added.
– In fact, one testicle should be lower than the other.
Well, this is from the point of view of physiology, – and mechanically pulled the left testicle of the phallus down, as if showing how it really should be.

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The testicle yielded and moved downward, the rings on the phallus began to spin around the axis in different directions, and the two harmonicas, then lengthened, then returned to their original position.
John pulled back his hands in surprise, but the phallus did not fall to the floor, it remained in the same position it was in, but it also moved.
The expansion and contraction of the two harmonicas resembled the frictions that a man commits while having sex with a woman.
Sally took the phallus in her hand and moved it through the air to the right, then let go, it continued to hang in the air and work.
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