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Katya turned and saw how he put it in his pocket.
Her heart slammed shut again with fear and excitement.
Lie down.

The bed creaked springs.
She sat on the edge.
The legs are slightly divorced.
He noted with satisfaction the lack of underwear under the skirt.
Red head of hair, sharp little nose, tight lips, heaving chest, concentrated look.
All native.
Today is HIS.
wait a minute.
I have it.
I wanted to say.
The voice is trembling.
She catches his gaze on her bare legs, involuntarily shifts them and pulls on her skirt.
Maybe we should not?.
let’s agree that way, don’t touch him, otherwise they will drive me away from work.
It is evident that she was scared.
Although by all means she tries to hide it.
Katya understands that Mishka does not intend to retreat, a confident insolent look.
This is a tough, short and biting word order.
Desire vanished, only fear remained.
She squeezed her hands in her lap so that he would not see their trembling.
And tries to speak with confidence.
I think we agreed? And now I have to go.
Uncertainly, she got out of bed and headed for the door.
Looking imploringly into his eyes, she whispered: Open.
Oh please!!! He shrugged indifferently, took out the key, inserted it in the keyhole and cranked it several times.
The door is not locked.
He approached her, looked at the barely trembling corners of his lips, ran his finger up his belly, stopping at the left nipple.
Prisnik to the ear, kissing the lobe, lightly nibbling it, just whispered: – Go.
He slammed his palm on the ass, fingers touched her sex lips.
She shuddered at the touch, turns her back, takes the door handle and.
does not budge.
Scolds herself.
can’t get away from it.
This is an incomprehensible feeling of languor, like a burn-touch to the lips.

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The desire inside flared like a flame, embracing it more and more.
Both understand that the moment is already missed.
On her face it says: Yes and

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damn it all !!! Let it be so – so be it !!! She wants to repeat these exciting touches, I want to melt under his lips and hands.
She turns around, walks up to the bed, without turning to Mishka with flaming face, pulls off her blouse and skirt, remaining completely naked.
He came up behind her, unleashing her kimono on the way.
Elastic buttocks, the ideal form of the thigh, waist.
Oooh, what a beauty.
Quietly put his hands on his shoulders.
The thought of how did it happen that such a Goddess appeared in his bed like her ?! Is it possible that today he will become the owner of the perfect body? Mmmm, apart neatly buttocks, with her lips began to explore the skin of the back. Katya felt something inexplicable spreading through her body, making you tremble and want something that frightens you with inevitability and incredibly wants it! Having frozen, she listens to his lips, her body involuntarily trembles, bites her sponge so as not to give herself a moan.
She is lost.
does not know what to do in this situation, than to respond.
She is ashamed of it.
but all thoughts fly away from his tender and exciting touches.
She does not know, can not do anything.
she decided to trust him, listen and do what he says and does.
He understood this and wound up from this even more.
But you have to be careful and gentle.
He put her tummy on the bed.
Waiting for the desired result, he spread her legs in different directions, approached closely, bringing the swollen flesh to her scarlet flower, leaned slightly forward, touching his lower back with his stomach, rubbed against her, gently supporting her breasts from the bottom.
Press hard.
Slides smoothly into it.
Head burned with fire of desire.
Member stubbornly did not want to move on.
The vagina pressed on him from all sides.
Whisper in her ear: RELAX! Everything inside her was squeezed by a hitherto unknown feeling, God.
what is it??? what a huge he is! She had only previously seen on the pictures.
how painful !!!.
Katya clenched her hand with her teeth so as not to cry out, tears flowed down her cheeks.
he says relax.
how to do it? inhales deeply into himself and on exhalation closes his eyes and again presents his face and gaze.
it became easier.
feels like he is stubbornly moving inside, carefully and slowly.
and suddenly.
along with the pain, something came that made her suffocate with pleasure, without feeling pain and listening to what was going on inside her. Anisyia livejasmin instagram.

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