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The bed itself was in a rather deplorable state: the pillow was lying somewhere on the side, a blue oilcloth appeared from under the sheets, and the blanket was crumpled at Alyosha’s feet.
Suddenly the boy squeezed his hands around his groin and blushed deeply.
Looking closely, Kolya immediately realized what had happened – Alyosha described himself.

Throwing a displeased glance at Kohl, Alyosha quickly covered himself with a blanket so that no one could see his shame.
Kohl turned away to the other side.
He also really wanted to write.
Throwing a quick glance at the wall clock, Kohl estimated that he would have to endure another seven minutes.
And so it happened – just the minute hand touched the number 12, Ira appeared in the room. Best sex caught on camera.

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