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In general, this couple needed a different approach.
Sam began to think.
Usually he didn’t do it.

Why strain the brain when there are big guns? Usually, all his thoughts, when the fight ended, were related to the things that are located below the belt.
Below the belt! And what about the giant? Well, yes, the same with him! Reproduction tool! Weapons of mass destruction of female individuals.
Sam waited for the moment when, after another restoration of potency, the giant’s cock grew up and was ready to slip into the wet, partner’s mink – he shot.
Rocket member safely hit the target.
The giant howled.
But still, pulled my partner.
Sam continued firing, aiming now at the eggs.
Oh, how the witty bastard screamed! How yelled! Having lost a lot of health, having removed the devil knows how many nerves and ammunition, Sam finally smashed the giant’s eggs into pieces.
He howled and whimpered, a member of it, also pretty freaking fell helplessly.
And here, the giantess began to shout indignantly.
Still would! How can she now be without a beloved friend? The result of the destruction of the penis was the cessation of reproduction of offspring.
And now, every shot at the giantess inevitably reduced her health mark to zero.
She snapped this bitch.
Bullet at him with a lubricant from the vagina.
Sam had to sweat a lot to protect himself from these fountains.
Even in contact with individual drops, his health

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began to decrease rapidly, and his armor melted and fell off in chunks.
– Burning brunette, damn it! – screamed Sam.
– Literally! Do not worry, now I get to you.
(Mouse scroller forward.
More forward.
Aha We need a decontamination contractor!) Sam threw off his pants, put on the chosen weapon, and with a cry of a male orangutan hurrying on the mating, jumped onto the bed.
A member of it began to grow and pump up strength.

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30, 50, 70 centimeters.
The stunned giantess stared at the growing cannon.
Meter and a half.
Two! – Well, baby, let’s indulge in the end? – Sam sighed.
He was three times smaller than a giantess, but it was not a big deal for the hero of the Galaxy to grab her by the hips and turn her back to her backwards.
Her wet hole was the size of a large-caliber shell funnel.
Vagina – a kind of subway tunnel.
But Sam was ready for this ride.
Its “composition” grew to two and a half meters and became the corresponding thickness.
– Well, let’s go! And Sam planted a giant on the most eggs.
She howled like an airliner turbine.
– Hoo-hoo! What else will be, baby! Sam fought the giantess as no one ever fought.
A member of it burst into the girl’s vagina so deeply and with such force that it gurgled, squeezed and squished, as in a water pipe.
In a fit of passion, Sam loudly slapped the giant buttocks and all this mass of flesh hanging over him shook like giant pudding.
The giantess screamed, cried and spun back and forth.
The line of her health quickly subsided, but at the same time her pleasure grew, displayed on a different scale.
– Well, what do you like? Do you like a bitch? Sam has a big gun! The biggest and he is ready.
almost ready to shoot.
The hall was filled with shrieks, roars, wild cries, wheezing, groans and growls.
The climax was approaching.
Sam launched his weapon at full power.
The giantess breathed with the sound of a steam boiler.
She swelled to an incredible size.
It seemed that this mountain of meat is now coming down on Sam.
– Hey! Hey damn it! He cried anxiously.
And so, when the mark of her health came to zero, and the mark of pleasure on the scale reached the upper limit.
Crashed! The shockwave of the explosion passed through the room and was reflected from the ceiling and walls with a thundering echo.
Several chicken cock heads, still running around the bed, flew off to the walls and with a plaintive squeal flattened them into cakes.
Several pamelanderson lifted above the floor and thrown out through the windows.
Dancing girls vibrated from toe to the top and with a single cry, at once finished.
The giant itself burst like a soap bubble.
Her tits, tumbling, went to the ceiling, bulging eyes with wildly spinning pupils plopped to the floor a hundred meters from the bed.
The bum, slamming “rolls” and uttering from the back hole a whistle on a high note broke through the front door and continued flying towards the mountains.
The carcass itself scattered across the room in tiny bubbles, and on Sam’s penis, there was a dangling lip, only corky lips, crumpled and wrinkled, like a deflated bicycle tire.
– That’s what they call shading to death! – Sam roared triumphantly, shaking his fist. Bongacams natalia fox.

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